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Jul 22, 2008

Day one in the Emvies presentations

The Jury has completed just over half the task of judging the winners of the Emvies. The remaining cases will be presented today. Here’s a snapshot of the entires that were considered yesterday.Best Media Research

Day one in the Emvies presentations

The Jury has completed just over half the task of judging the winners of the Emvies. The remaining cases will be presented today. Here’s a snapshot of the entires that were considered yesterday.

Best Media Research

1) Mindshare’s work for Motorola-Live 3.0 was done at a time when Motorola was faced with the task of 20% profitably growth in 2007. The tool involved collection of three years monthly data across brands and markets, data warehousing, data modelling, optimisation and scenario planning and online delivery platform. Live 3.0 was “an enabler for Motorola”. There was 10% increase rise in value share due to this tool.

2) Starcom’s 2008-09 expansion plans in terms of retail outlets for The Mobile Store involved the challenge of identifying the potential for expansion and identifying the cities that will give large sale quality footfalls and increased profitability. Methodology involved data from IRS, COAI and CDMA data. The inferences included understanding the highest correlating set with cell phone ownership. For the identified variables and sets, a relative ranking of absolute count by towns was done. The city potential index was derived. 511 towns were identified as potential for expansion. Currently, Mobile Store has 1011 outlets across 118 cities.

3) Mindshare created the Engagement Quotient Tester for ESPN’s English Premier League dipping viewership. With the help of TAM respondent level data, intensity (high, medium and low) and loyalty (loyalists, entrants and lapsers) of the viewers were calculated. The combination of these two factors was the engagement quotient tester. The strategy involved retaining the heavy lapsers and loyalists and then profiling heavy lapsers and loyalists (which included kids). Internet spends were increased, outdoor activation was increased, John Abraham was tied up as the brand ambassador, there were kids' soccer competitions and there was a tie up with the movie Goal. The result was that there was 100% increase in average ratings of EPL in 07 vs 06 and now Star Plus is using the same tool.

4) Lodestar Universal’s guide to business expansion for Westside was created as a model to see the potential in the small towns of India. Daily basis data for footfalls was taken. According to the data, Westside needed both SEC A and B consumers, the highest billings were coming from young working population and the consumers were not looking at premium wear at Westside. This enabled Westside to do micro market planning. Brand Engagement Analyser tool was created which connected market footfalls to all of Westside’s media activity. 

Best media innovation-ambient media/out of home

1) Mindshare created the Kurkure Express, ‘India’s first brand train’. The challenge was to tackle the problem of spicy snacks taking a dip during the summer season. A few trains in South India were branded as ‘Kurkure Express’. There was branding on reservation cards, TV screens at railways and various other such touch points. As a result of this, there was 6% increase in the sales volume of the brand.

2) Rediffusion DY&R did innovative OOH branding ‘Juice Escalators’ for Mumbai-based Juice Salon. The challenge was to introduce the boys/girls next-door to the salon which usually caters to the Bollywood crowd. Escalators at all the popular shopping malls in Mumbai were converted to catalogues for Juice. Each mall had a footfall of about 3000 per day. There was a viral campaign on YouTube. As a result, walk-ins to the salon increased by 400% and Juice launched two more outlets in Mumbai and an outlet in Dubai. 

3) Ogilvy Activation launched Lifebuoy Gurudwara Activation to reach the audience in the Punjab region. Gurudwara was identified as an important place which offered touch points like water pouts and shoe racks. Lifebuoy branded shoe tokens were given, sink units had message boards and Lifebuoy hampers were given. This led to a reach of 2.4 million people per month with 6 lakhs investment in the marketing.

Best Media Innovation- Cinema

1) Mediaedge:cia (MEC) created ‘Stay Simply beautiful’ for Nivea Soft Moisturizer. A beauty pageant was launched for the young women. There were kiosks in multiplexes inviting young girls to participate in the pageant where they could win by getting votes for themselves. The winner of the day was declared during the intermission of the films and her photograph was shown on the big screen. This initial selection/gratification was done to spark the participant’s enthusiasm. Then the participants actively sought others to join their campaign, leading to a strong viral campaign about the whole activity. This activity resulted in 45% increase in the brand sales.

2) MPG created the Good Year association with the movie Tara Rum Pum to increase the brand saliency and to associate the brand with NASCAR, in line with its global positioning. There was more than 15 minutes of brand presence in the film. Then there was an integrated marketing plan to leverage the association further. Result: Good Year was able to mobilize 15% incremental sales on tubeless tyres.  

3) Mindshare also used the Tara Rum Pum movie to create integrated marketing communication for Castrol GTX. The objective was to boost staggering sales and to enhance trust as brand benefit. The insight was that sale is a function of all stakeholders (sales team, dealers, mechanics and consumers) and that the four are related through cricket and movies. Limited edition packs of Castrol Tara Rum Pum were launched. There were co-branded TVCs, radio spots, advertorials across print, merchandising for mechanics and contests for dealers. The result as 145% increase in sales.

4) Maxus created Reebok association with UTV’s movie Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal to reposition Reebok as a lifestyle brand and to improve staggering sales. There was in film placement, Reebok Goal collection and Goal associated brand campaign.  The result of this activity was an increase in awareness about the brand to 40% from 20%. Reebok is now tying with another movie Victory.

Best Media innovation-Print

1) To innovate the habit of snacking and increase frequency of competition, Mindshare created ‘Kurkure with a difference’ for Kurkure.  For this, Kurkure Chai Time Achievers was launched. Regional markets were the focus. They tied up with various women’s magazines to promote the event.  There were branded recipe sections, advertorials and cover page ads in women’s magazines.

2) Mindshare created Check Mate-‘S’ for AXE Deodorant. The popular section of the MiD DAY tabloid, MiD DAY Mate which features “hot” girls went missing from Page 2. It shifted to AXE’s ad on page 4 of the newspaper.

3) Madison had the task of communicating the change in brand from UTI to Axis Bank. It partnered with MiD DAY too. On 1 August, when UTI became Axis Bank, tabloid MiD DAY became broadsheet for a day. This was accompanied by an editorial from Tariq Ansari on the front page about this innovation done for the brand. There were ads at various positions in the paper along with related content. The result of this innovation was that 96% people noticed the revised format.

4) The task of spreading the “Good news” about Rin Supreme Bar becoming Surf Excel Bar was handled by Mindshare. 7.2 million Rin users did not want this change. The challenge was to minimise the risk of this change. The idea was to create a halo of “good news” for brand integration. They partnered with newspapers to create “good news” section and the brand ad was integrated on the same page. Through this the brand reached out to 4.1 million Rin households each day for 60 days and over 65% Rin users remembered the message.

Best Media Innovation-Digital

1) Mindshare created ‘One is not enough’ for BRU Cappuccino. Bru needed to move up north. Thus BRU website was created and pop ups were created on Yahoo to go to Bru’s website The site had features like flirt toys and tools and bytes from college students on flirt tips. There were 1 million total page views and 92% increase in sales.

2) Big Voice Scrap was created by Mudra Marketing for Big 92.7 FM. The brand tied up with The service was embedded on the social networking site to enable the users to send out messages in his/her voice.

3) Mindshare launched the HSBC Premier Mobile Handset for the HSBC Premier re-launch. Bluetooth kiosks were created at the international airports. Users could download tools like travel genie, branch locator, fight scheduler and currency converter. As a result, there were 14,500+ leads across eight airports in India and 2900 customers converted to HSBC.

4) Madison created ‘A twist in the tale’ campaign for Cadbury Dairy Milk to build engagement with youth. Engagement and scale were combined through mobiles and partnership with MTV respectively. Eight short films (with the twist-in-the-tale theme) were created for mobile and were promoted on MTV. The promos were stopped at the time when there would be a twist in the story and to watch the whole movie viewers needed to send and SMS. Films ran for four months and there were 200 promos on MTV and 15000 downloads in the first month. 

Best Media Innovation-Events

1) Percept D Mark launched the Mumbai-Pune Cycle Race ‘Pedal for city’ for Hercules Cycle to reposition cycling as a lifestyle and health machine and as an environment friendly vehicle. The media strategy was to convert the influencers to prospects. Various celebrities and social bodies were involved with the activity. Two crore worth of free media value was generated of just 25 lakh spent on the entire event.

2) Mindshare created the ‘Wheel Smart Shrimati’ contest for the brand Wheel. There were TV show auditions across towns, followed by personal campaigns. Then the TV show was launched where all the shortlisted women participated.

3) Maxus created a fashion tour property for the liquor brand Chivas Regal to shift its focus from older audience to a younger audience. A fashion tour spread over four metros and a month was created. Karan Johar and Diana Hayden were signed as the brand ambassadors.  There were half-hour programs on lifestyle and music channels, print ads and post show features. Fashion tour reached out to eight million users and the RoI was 5+ times the ground investment.

4) ‘Mission Safai’ was launched for Lifebuoy by Mindshare. There was Swasthya Chetna Meter survey followed by the ‘Mission Safai’ on the World Health Day. A number of children participated in the mission and they were joined by adults, schools’ staff and various organisations.

Best Integrated Campaign

1) Mindshare launched the ‘Relief in 6 seconds at key acidity occasions and locations’ for ENO to increase the secondary sales by 11% in 2007. This was done by reinforcing the fast relief proposition. There were ENO cookery contests. ENO was placed at strategic locations near various fast food joints.

2) The ‘Beautiful’ campaign for Dove Shampoo was created by Mindshare. The campaign involved four levels: awareness, consumer speak, on-ground and the Internet. 80% awareness was created in the first three months after the launch. There were surveys and wet sampling followed by Dove Beautiful Hair Gallery. Dove partnered with Yahoo to launch branded video knowledge search for Dove Shampoo. Dove had 3% market share at the end of the campaign.

3) Lodestar Universal created the ‘A formula to spread happiness’ campaign for Club Mahindra. Entice-Engage-Elate-Experience strategy was used to create the campaign. This was created as the formula to spread happiness over the weekend. The media mix included press, TV, online, direct mail, tele-calling, SMS, mobile phones and multiplexes events. The result was 70% awareness about the brand and the member acquisition rate dropped by 38%.

4) ‘Inventing the “power of day one”’ was what Maxus created for the rebranding of Hutch to Vodafone. The message that needed to be communicated was ‘Hutch is now Vodafone’. Most of the touch-points were used to communicate the message on the day one of the re-branding. As a result, there was 82% brand recall amongst the TV viewers and 80% recall amongst the non-TV viewers.

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