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Jun 02, 2022

Cannes Contenders 2022: MullenLowe Lintas Group

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Cannes Contenders 2022: MullenLowe Lintas Group
After a two-year gap, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity will be hosting an on-ground event in 2022.
Global creative work will be celebrated from the industry through its red carpet awards nights between 20-24 June.
As always, Campaign India will lead the charge from this region by showcasing all of India's entries to the festival through our 'Cannes Contenders' series. 
This is based on the premise that Cannes jurors don’t get enough time to scrutinise and deliberate a piece of work they haven’t really come across before. This series is a way of acquainting them with the good work from India and South Asia before their judging stint. And of course, to acquaint the rest of the industry with work from this region which is competing at the Cannes Lions this year.  
MullenLowe Lintas Group has three such entries:
Brand: Google Voice
Entry title: Search for Change
Google India launched a new set of campaign films continuing the narrative of its previous #BolneSeSabHoga campaigns. The release of the campaign was timed with International Women’s Day 2022, highlighting the differences in lived experiences of women and how information from Google’s Voice Search can be a key enabler.
To demonstrate the role that information can play in women empowerment, Lowe Lintas conceptualised a film for Google India. The film aims to encourage women to #SearchForChange using the voice feature. The anthem built on the well-known song ‘Manjha’ from the Bollywood film Kai Po Che highlights how access to information can make a difference by bringing relevant stories of women using information to empower themselves and progress. Google voice in Hindi is the ally which helps women gain access to the information is the first step to changing the status quo.
The Maanjha anthem film by Google India showcases its women protagonists in everyday prejudiced situations where they decide to use Google’s Voice Search to rise out of it, making information a powerful enabler of change.
Lowe Lintas has also conceived a series of films starring Gajraj Rao highlighting distinct stories – of showcasing the impact of powerful women characters in stories on young kids, and the journey of aspirational women directors. The campaign films are rooted in powerful insights based on prevalent social disadvantages women/girls face in the society. More importantly, the films are not focussed on the problems but showcase how information can help overcome them, thus altering the social fabric not just for an individual but for the women across the society.

Brand: Lifebuoy

Entry title: Handwashing Kebabs


Iftaar is a time when every evening during Ramadan friends and family get together to break their fast with the choicest foods. People throng iconic Ramadan street-food markets, where millions visit to feast, especially on an iconic Ramadan delicacy - the kebab. 


These delectable kebabs are the biggest attraction of the Iftaar feast, displayed on skewers along with every food cart, attracting potential diners. 

The Problem: The excitement surrounding the experience and the enthusiasm of sampling a multitude of delicacies after a day of fasting overshadows hygiene which means the kebabs are usually eaten with unclean hands. Making a festive moment a potential threat from germs.


It is true that to effect behaviour change, one can’t interrupt established patterns, you need to seamlessly participate in them, to be able to drive a critical message. Therefore, it is also important that a hygiene alert doesn’t detract from the festivities and the spirit of celebration, but naturally ‘infiltrates’ the celebrations, if you will.


So, instead of creating ad messages ‘in public interest’, we deployed an intervention that seamlessly ‘infiltrated’ the celebrations – an idea that was loved by people who experienced it and was applauded by evangelists.


We carved up Lifebuoy bar soaps of different colours to look like the iconic kebabs and carefully ‘installed’ them on skewers exactly how they are sold. These soap kebab skewers were hung right next to kebab skewers in stalls across the Ramadan street food markets to attract attention and curiosity. 


The Call to Action: Wash your hands with soap before eating, in a bid to allow the month-long celebrations to continue unabated!


The strategic placement of kebabs and a handwashing station and message were an unforgettable reminder for people to wash their hands before feasting. 


The activation was conducted in major cities across India - Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow, and Pune. Cities that experience footfalls in the millions in their respective street-food markets. 


The fun and non-preachy aspect of the idea brought the critical message of handwashing to over 36 million people over the month of Ramadan. Those thronging the Iftaar markets, experienced the initiative, resonated with it, loved it and participated willingly.


Across cities, a multitude of street food stall owners and restauranteurs were keen to allow a space to install the Handwashing Kebabs and were eager to make this a regular feature for the future. Further proving that the initiative can be effective at scale, with minimal effort and expense.



Brand: Lifebuoy

Entry title: H is for Handwashing


Humanity has a problem. According to a 2020 global study, four out of five people don’t wash their hands with soap after using the bathroom. Amidst the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, the importance of handwashing with soap was thrust into the global spotlight. Yet, although handwashing rates spiked initially, they also started dramatically declining soon after. With the world emerging from lockdown, embedding good handwashing habits has never been more critical. It is of utmost importance for the world to commit to hand hygiene; or we risk a deadly, continuous cycle of covid-19 and the genesis of further pandemics.


The need of the hour is to effect a fundamental and systemic change so that handwashing as a practice became a lifelong habit. With this aim, we designed one of the simplest, most scalable, and effortless-to-execute ideas: ‘H for Handwashing’. 


For generations, children have been taught letters of the alphabet through simple associations with everyday references such as ‘A’ for Apple, ‘B’ for Ball and ‘C’ for Cat. Lessons they never forget. 


Lifebuoy have pledged resources and support through our partners, to embed handwashing into the alphabet – by changing how the letter ‘H’ is taught. No longer will ‘H’ stand for horse or hat. ‘H’ must stand for handwashing. A simple intervention that introduces the concept of handwashing to children at the right age, making it a widespread and common habit that is learnt early but lasts a lifetime.

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