Cannes Contenders 2022: Cheil India

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After a two-year gap, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity will be hosting an on-ground event in 2022.
Global creative work will be celebrated from the industry through its red carpet awards nights between 20-24 June.
As always, Campaign India will lead the charge from this region by showcasing all of India's entries to the festival through our 'Cannes Contenders' series. 
This is based on the premise that Cannes jurors don’t get enough time to scrutinise and deliberate a piece of work they haven’t really come across before. This series is a way of acquainting them with the good work from India and South Asia before their judging stint. And of course, to acquaint the rest of the industry with work from this region which is competing at the Cannes Lions this year.  
Cheil India has one such entry: 
Brand: EETech
Entry title: The Novel Bed Project
During the second Covid wave in April 2021, India lost thousands of lives to shortage of hospital beds.
Supply of hospital equipment is a notoriously ‘controlled’ and protected business (just like aircraft parts business or printer cartridge business) where just a few players own the market and they get to charge insane prices and supply as it suits them.
The Novel Bed Project is a design solution to circumvent that supply chain system. EETech as part of this project has announced that it’s ready to give access to this technology to innovators and governments. We decided to find a cost-effective design solution for the problem in case of future crises.
The Idea: While the severe shortage of beds was headlining on every news channel, there was another problem growing in the shadows.
With 1.2 billion people discarding masks every day, thousands of tonnes of non-biodegradable waste was littering the country.
This April, a year since almost every Indian experienced a tragic loss, to pay a tribute to all those we lost, we recycled the plastic Covid waste to create an economical and eco-friendly hospital bed, employing people who lost their jobs during the pandemic and then donated the bed to a hospital that faced a shortage during the second wave.
We created a short video of the project which was then shared on social media. The video directed viewers to the website where one could learn everything they needed to know about The Novel Bed Project.
We used social media to urge people to send us their masks so more beds and other things could be created. The Novel Bed was designed to not only help future patients but also help give the country a cleaner future.
News of the bed touched an emotional chord with everyone who had lost someone during the pandemic.
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