Cannes Contenders 2022: FCB Group India

Believe your entry deserves a Lion? Send us the work and the case

May 16, 2022 03:47:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

After a two-year gap, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity will be hosting an on-ground event in 2022.
Global creative work will be celebrated from the industry through its red carpet awards nights between 20-24 June.
As always, Campaign India will lead the charge from this region by showcasing all of India's entries to the festival through our 'Cannes Contenders' series. 
This is based on the premise that Cannes jurors don’t get enough time to scrutinise and deliberate a piece of work they haven’t really come across before. This series is a way of acquainting them with the good work from India and South Asia before their judging stint. And of course, to acquaint the rest of the industry with work from this region which is competing at the Cannes Lions this year.  
FCB Group India has three such entries:
Brand: The Times of India, Political Shakti
Entry title: Nominate me selfie

The ‘Nominate Me Selfie’- Aadhe Hum, Aadha Humara for Political Shakti and The Times of India brings to the fore a real issue facing our nation today. It is a powerful reminder of the concept of gender representation at the top. 50% of our population are women, but only a fraction of parliamentarians is represented by this gender, leaving half of the electorate without or with very little voice. #AadhaHumara is an urgent cry to bridge the political gender gap and bring about adequate representation in policy making and the power circles.
Brand: UNAIDS 
Entry title: Unbox me

'Unbox Me', is an initiative aimed at raising awareness for the rights of transgender children by empowering them to stop hiding their identities and embrace their true selves. Part of the #SeeMeAsIAm campaign, 'Unbox Me' is the latest collaborative effort from UNAIDS and FCB, whose ongoing partnership also included 'The Mirror' in 2021.
'Unbox Me' is a creative exploration of the theme of secrecy and hiding, and the campaign aims to spotlight the struggles of transgender children, like their being closeted and their discomfort with their assigned gender, many as early as the age of two.
Brand: SOS Children Village
Entry title: Chatpat
FCB India and Kinnect came together to create an influencer, #Chatpatkagyann, to help childcare NGO- SOS Children Village, in creating awareness and helping it raise funds and build awareness about the homeless and destitute. This social movement has been fairly successful with multiple brands coming on board.
On Children’s Day '21, a 10-year-old boy - Chatpat, from the streets of Mumbai shares ‘Gyan’ videos around the quirks he learned on the streets. The videos feature him along with his friends, all who live on the streets. While his videos instantly started winning hearts, there was an underlying message of the harsh reality of a 10-year-old living and surviving on the streets that got noticed. 
The influencer campaign has not only helped the NGO in raising funds and increased awareness, but it has also helped brands in getting the right kind of recognition and appreciation from the public for their active participation in a social cause.