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Jun 01, 2018

Cannes Contenders 2018: Cheil WW India

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Cannes Contenders 2018: Cheil WW India
With the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2018 less than a couple of weeks away, Campaign India continues with its 'Cannes Contender' series.   
The premise is:  
How much time really does a Cannes juror get to understand a case or piece of work s/he hasn't come across before?   
Too little. It's up to us to help them get acquainted with the good work prior. We present here entries from Indian/South Asian agencies that their creators believe will be in contention for Lions at the 2018 International Festival of Creativity.  
Cheil WW India has three such entries.
Seema Nagar - Samsung Technical School
United Nations considers India to be the most dangerous place in the world to be born a girl. That’s because Indian parents would go to any length to have a son and not a daughter. Even if it means killing their daughter in the womb. Or just after birth.
Those who do not go that far find other ways to cope. Many refuse to call their daughters, daughters. Instead they call them beta, a Hindi word for son. Parents feel that this re-labelling elevates the stature of their daughters. What it actually does is demean these girls and denies them their true identity.
As part of its Make for India initiative, Samsung wanted to persuade people that calling a daughter, son is not just harmful but also unnecessary. After all, a daughter is a daughter.
The campaign highlighted the real-life struggles of Seema Nagar, a student of Samsung Technical School, Jaipur. And her eventual triumph against entrenched patriarchy helped in part by her training at Samsung Technical School.
Kalraj Mishra, Cabinet Minister, Government of India not just tweeted the film but also felicitated Seema Nagar

95 per cent of all learning happens from seeing and hearing. As the deafblind can neither see nor hear, they live life in a void. While Braille helps them read and learn about the world around them, it is not a two-way communication language like talking, chatting or even sign language. How can we overcome these limitations by using technology? Thus was born the Good Vibes Project.
Since the deafblind deciphered all things by touching & feeling them, we needed a technology or medium that had tactile feedback at the core of it. And it had to be easily available, affordable, and dependable. We found all those qualities in the ubiquitous smartphone. We simply found a way to convert English alphabets into tactile inputs (tap/long press) and back into tactile outputs (distinct vibrations).
So for the first time in human history, the deafblind have a two-way communication tool. Available in the form a mobile app, Good Vibes is harnessing the power of the smartphone to empower the deafblind community across the world.
#HeretoCreate - adidas U17 World Cup
India’s first ever FIFA event, the Under 17 World Cup was an opportunity for us to start the country’s first footballing revolution. To tell the youth that India’s future in football begins with adidas we created a hair-raising, ‘Anthem’ calling upon the youth that now is the time to begin. Casting the most talented, local stars from youth academies across the footballing pockets of India, we highlighted the passionate rituals and die-hard attitude of the youngsters who have already started the revolution. We showed them the big stage, the big opportunities and the big future that is theirs for the taking and they just can’t miss this bus.
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