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With the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2018 just about a month away, Campaign India returns with its 'Cannes Contender' series.   
The premise is:  
How much time really does a Cannes juror get to understand a case or piece of work s/he hasn't come across before?   
Too little. It's up to us to help them get acquainted with the good work prior. We present here entries from Indian/South Asian agencies that their creators believe will be in contention for Lions at the 2018 International Festival of Creativity.  
Mindshare India has seven such entries.
Cerebro: The Video Recommendations and Personalisation Wizard - Krispy
Krispy was Hindustan Unilever’s first OTT initiative with the vision to be an alternative media/communication channel for reaching out to consumers in small towns of north India.
This app served snackable Bollywood (Indian Hindi films) content interspersed with brand messages. 
The OTT market in India (30+ players) had exploded with multiple industry stakeholders such as the broadcasters, pay TV operators, content aggregators, production houses and telcos -all wanting to become content distributors. 
In this competitive environment with no exclusive content on the app, Krispy faced existential crisis.
Fighting for Women's Safety with a Soap Bar - Hamam
Hamam with its 80 years relationship with Tamil Nadu has built its association with mothers - the primary shopper on the context of 'Protection'. Mothers in Tamil Nadu were concerned about their daughter’s safety outside their homes. Hamam decided to contextualise its promise of protection by launching its campaign 'Go Safe Outside'. 
The campaign was not going to only share the concern but be an enabler and arm the people of Tamil Nadu to tackle the situation in hand. With 80 per cent literacy rate schools/students were the apt agents. The largest student congregation and schools were targeted as key media touchpoints.
Kissan Tiffin Time Table - Kissan
Kissan is a leader in dressings and spreads category in India is about kids eating happily and in-turn, growing happily. Thus, it has always endeavoured to support mothers in making healthy and delicious food items for kids. However, dressings and spreads being a low involvement category penetration are low at 12-25 per cent annually. It was imperative for Kissan to drive category growth by increasing relevance with ‘top dishes’ consumed in everyday lives.
The tiffin-time angst for mother is heightened one, given it’s OOH consumption moment that she can’t supervise. Hence perennial dilemma to make something healthy, tasty so that child is tempted to finish it rather than craving for junk or “tasty” food. India with 14.4 million obese kids has second highest population in world. Hence we paired ketchup and jam with top dishes (roti and bread) to increase product consumption and staked claim for ‘tiffin’ moment to help mothers ease her anxiety.
Unleash Your Wild Side - Magnum
Magnum from the house of Unilever is one of the world’s most premium ice-cream brands positioned on indulgence and pleasure. But sales in India were stagnating because of other less expensive brands. The main cause of Magnum’s perception being inferior low quality chocolate ice cream not value for money in consumer’s mind. 
Challenge was to build value and imagery so as to justify the price and stem the decline.
What’s fashion got to do with ice-cream? Nothing. But with Magnum? Everything. Magnum is as premium as Haute Couture. 
So Magnum collaborated with key fashion influencers of India with the objective of increasing its premium imagery– bollywood celebs, fashion designers, fashion editors, fashion bloggers and premium fashion, lifestyle portal.
Bollywood 'fashion divas', designers and influencers all rolled into one – Mallaika Arora, Bipasha Basu and Suzzanne Roshan especially curated 'Wild One' collection depicting their wild side. An exclusive range themed around Magnum proposition of 'Unleash your wild side'. This premium signature collection was sold online on (a premium on-line fashion destination). 
Save Water and It will Save You - Rin
Unilever has a global initiative called 'The Unilever Sustainable Living Plan’. It is a blueprint for achieving business growth by increasing positive social impact. That means that whatever Unilever does it should create a social impact on the lives of its consumers 
The state of Maharashtra, has been plagued with water crisis for many years. Each year the problem worsens. Water scarcity leads to low crop yield, leading to low income. In fact, many Farmers commit suicide as they cannot make ends meet. While there is water scarcity, the usage of water in any household does not decrease.
On an average 38 per cent of water used in a household is for laundry alone. Unilever took on the cause of water conservation. Rin detergent powder was relaunched with 'smart foam technology' that helped reduce water usage by HALF. 
Our brief was to change brand perceptions.Our objectives were 2-fold. Firstly, make the core consumers (women of the house) perceive Rin as a brand that could help ease their water problems. Secondly, make all the influential people in the villages perceive Rin as a brand that is committed to water conservation 
Start Strong Tamil Nadu - Hamam
Hamam is the market leader in Tamil Nadu, but has witnessed a slow and steady erosion in market share with new entrants in the market. Reasons could be attributed to a disconnect with the younger generation who perceive it as a traditional mum’s brand. 
The state of Tamil Nadu was hit by a spate of natural disasters in 2016, Cyclone Vardah ravaged the coastal regions, flood waters inundated Chennai its capital. In other regions there were farmer deaths brought on by severe drought.  
These disruptions in the environment brought a renewed focus on the effects of impending climate change. Social consciousness and inspiration for collective activism was very high in the state.
Hamam wanted to renew its 80-year long relationship with the market by giving back to the community, seeking to bring the focus back to nature and activate people of the state to collectively make a difference.
Hamam’s core proposition to 'Start Strong' was based on its ayurvedic credentials derived from its main ingredient Neem. 
The idea was to get the citizens of Tamil Nadu to celebrate a Green Puthaandu, literally a ‘Green Start to the New Year’. Hamam invited the people of Tamil Nadu to Start Strong in the new year by replanting 100,000 Neem Trees, in cyclone affected districts of the state.
Walk Together for a Greener Tomorrow - Brooke Bond Red Label
In India, tea is huge, with over 4,000 brands vying for consumer attention, alongside a huge unbranded market which is almost equal in size. Tea has become a commodity and brands struggle to build equity and loyalty. This was the scenario that Brooke Bond Red Label Tea (BBRL) was facing. The brand is positioned as the 'Tea that brings people together'.
It promises that the world could be a more welcoming place if one could accept others in the spirit of friendship/brotherhood. 
The task was to make the 'togetherness' promise come alive in a way that it effects society. Only if society comes together and participates then truly could Red Label say that they are “walking the talk”. 
Fortunately, Unilever has a global initiative called “The Unilever Sustainable Living Plan.’ It is a blueprint for achieving business growth by increasing positive social impact. Unilever is committed to operate and grow its business in a socially responsible way. 
So, the objective was to bring alive the brand promise in a way that it would impact society at large. 
Religion forms the backbone of Indian culture. It is home to over 3,000 religious castes and sub-castes. While there are many differences the one common practice is the ‘Pilgrimage Walk.’
Devotes walk for several miles to get to Temples, the ultimate destination, to perform religious rites and rituals. 
These pilgrimage places attract devotes from across India, across age and socio-economic groups. It’s wonderful to see how people come together and bond as they are bound by a common belief, i.e. achieving spiritual cleansing.
One such Pilgrimage is the Pandharpur Yatrawhich happens in Maharashtra, a key market for the brand.
The pilgrims known as "Warkaris" travel on footcarrying idols of Lord Vitthala. Young and old travel barefooted for 21 days chanting prayers. 
Along the way there are many Food Stalls where they can rest and grab a refreshing cup of tea. It is very common to see, strangers come together in the spirit of brotherhood. However, the tea cups and other food items are strewn along the way causing damage to the soil. 
We saw this as a perfect opportunity to take a stand on environmental conservation while being relevant to the brand proposition and moments of tea consumption. 



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