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Jul 01, 2024

Samsung Galaxy S24’s mixed reality print ad brings Indian diversity to life

Cheil India created the campaign where readers scan the QR code to experience the ‘Circle-to-search’ feature come to life.

Cheil India has unveiled an innovative print ad campaign for the Galaxy AI-powered Galaxy S24 series, which blends the physical and digital worlds. This campaign attempts to break traditional advertising norms by using mixed reality technology to showcase the ‘Circle-to-search’ feature.

Appearing in newspapers such as The Times of India and Hindustan Times, the campaign offers readers a hands-on experience with the new smartphone feature. By scanning a QR code on the print ad with any smartphone, they are immersed in an interactive world where the ‘Circle-to-search’ functionality is demonstrated.

Cheil India claimed that this creative approach not only highlights this unique feature in the Samsung Galaxy S24 but also sets a new benchmark for future advertising. The campaign’s fusion of technology and creativity aims to engage users on a deeper level, making them an active part of the brand’s story.

Campaign’s take: The campaign cleverly uses mixed reality tech to showcase the Samsung S24’s ‘Circle-to-search’ feature. When users engage with the ad, they are taken on a virtual tour of India’s cultural wonders simply by drawing a circle on their smartphone.

This vibrant animated campaign brings India's diverse stories to life, letting readers explore the country's rich tapestry in all its colourful glory while checking out the new smartphone feature. Aimed at premium customers, the interactive campaign creates a hands-on experience through gamified visual storytelling, encouraging users to dive into the smartphone's capabilities and leaving them with memorable experiences. That’s a double win for Cheil India and Samsung.

Credit list

Chief operating officer: Sanjeev Jasani
Chief creative officer: Vikash Chemjong
Campaign director: Kapshin Cho
National head, Cheil India - Samsung Business: Mandeep Sharma
Chief strategy officer: Sourav Ray
Executive creative director: Kaushik Datta
HOD flagship business: Saksham Kohli
Account management team: Rohit Singh Negi, Shobhit Choudhary
Creative team: Hardik Trivedi, Gauri Bhardwaj, Akshay Verma, Ankit Chugh, Arka
Strategy team: Kunal Ghosh
Film producer – Revati Ahuja
Studio NXT (Production House) – Chiranjeeb Dey (Head), Aakash Simlai (Director), Charu Singhal Gupta (Assistant Director), Siddharth Singh (Producer), Subhash Patil (DOP)
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