Raahil Chopra
Oct 01, 2012

BigRock takes Savitri bai to radio through latest campaign

Listen to the radio spot created by Ideas@work

BigRock takes Savitri bai to radio through latest campaign

Following Savitri bai's TV appearance in February 2011 (where the fictional character and her maid training institute were introduced), BigRock.com has taken the character to radio with a new campaign. This is the first time the brand will be advertising on this medium.

The radio advertisement is an extension of the BigRock's television and digital advertisement which featured Savitri bai's training institute.

Listen to the ad (story continues below).



Commenting on the reason behind launching the campaign on radio, Shashank Mehrotra, business head, BigRock.com, said, "Over the past 12-18 months, we have been building creatives for television and digital. Radio is one medium we have not employed so far. We wanted to enter this medium to build on the success of Savitri bai enjoyed on television and reach out to a slightly broader and different audience. This campaign will only be released in Mumbai and Delhi across three channels, Fever FM, Radio One and Radio City. Judging by the success, we may extend the campaign to call-in shows among other things."

On the radio channels utilised, Mehtrotra said, "We have a defined TG and want to hit SMEs which we can through the channels we are running on. Radio One gives us a qualitative and sophisticated audience."

Commenting on the radio campaign, Zarvan Patel, co-founder and creative director, Ideas@work, said, "The radio campaign is an extension of the Savitri bai film we created. It's about maids making excuses of why they couldn't make it to work in a maid training class conducted by Savitri bai. We are looking to take Savitri bai forward, and thinking of different ideas around this. For all you know, the next thing Savitri bai does is release a book with excuses for maids. She'll probably follow it up by making an appearance in a place like Crossword to sign those books."

The radio campaign has been released today (1 October). 

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