BigRock takes the humour route again to showcase dotorg benefits

Watch the ad film conceptualised by ideas@work here

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BigRock has rolled out its latest advertising campaign through which it aims to promote the adoption of dotorg domains in India.
The film entitled, ‘Karma Pest Control’, has been conceptualised by ideas@work and went on-air on 3 December.
The film tells the story of ‘Karma Pest control’. It follows the inventive pest control methods used by the team at Karma to make sure their customers homes are pest free and it accompanied by the voice over of one of the owners of Karma.
The film begins with a group seated in a car as the voice over explains the concept of ‘Dharma’ and how it was the reason behind starting Karma pest control. The  film cuts to the team moving from house to house as they show off their friendly pest control that is based on the philosophy of ethical pest control. They are shown relocating a colony of ants, by placing sugar cubes in a way that leads the ants away from the home. They then irradicate mosquitoes by humming at the same frequency as the mosquitoes and so on.
The voice over then talks about human action as he puts forward the question of, ”How many insect souls make one human soul?”.  He goes on to talk about reincarnation and compare a lizard to the viewers ancestor. The voice over reiterates the aim of Karma by saying that, they ‘want to give customers a pest free home with a guilt free heart’. The film ends with the voiceover saying, “Thanks to our website, we have saved millions of pests” and a super of
Shashank Mehrotra, general manager and business head, BigRock, said, “India is still at a stage where most SMBs don’t have a website, primarily due to the lack of awareness. BigRock addresses this issue by building clutter breaking films to communicate the importance of getting an online presence. Historically, most of our TV ads have centred around the theme of showcasing quirky businesses achieving success via their online presence. Our latest ad pushes the concept further by introducing a business that specialises in pest relocation services rather than killing them which is led by the messaging of dotorg being the domain of choice for businesses”.
Creative agency: ideas@work
Production house: Early Man Film Pvt. Ltd


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