Arati Rao
Feb 28, 2011

After "Please Daddy Please", Lenovo comes out with follow-up campaign

The campaign, which includes a digital tie-up with MTV, has been created by Hungry & Foolish Intellectual Properties


In a new 360-degree campaign launched as a follow-up to its "Please Daddy Please" TVC last year, Lenovo continues to try and woo the loyalty of youngsters. The campaign includes three TVCs and a digital collaboration with MTV, featuring Cyrus Broacha.

Watch the TVCs




Watch the Cyrus Broacha spots 

Bollywood Daddy 

Paisa Vasool Daddy

Talli Daddy 

Major Daddy 

Bijee Daddy


While the launch TVC introduced the category insight (that the youth in the age group of 15-22 years are dependent on their dad's wallet for big ticket purchases like PCs), phase two of the campaign is focussed on the product features. Anto Noval, co-founder and chief creative officer of Hungry & Foolish Intellectual Properties, said, "The follow-up TVCs needed to integrate the product story, without losing sight of the insight or the dad-son relationship. Therefore a simple post purchase product experience between 'dad and dude', we wanted to keep it real and likable, relatable and relevant, instead of focusing only on style and typical category cliches that are primarily driven by what I call visual effects syndrome and sheer lack of relevance to how the product plays a realistic role in the consumer's life! After all we are selling PCs to the Indian households and our market is far from 'The Minority Report'. Our digital distribution of the idea is again a simple and effective way of using the medium to literally make our consumer our salesman and make them spread their word, their desire to own our brand."

In the digital tie-up with MTV, Cyrus Broacha and VJ Jose star in the spots, playing different dad-son characters. The call to action involves a contest where users can upload videos of themselves asking for Lenovo PCs among other prizes, with the highest-rated ones to air on MTV. The videos are also being used as promos on MTV. Praveen Raj, creative director, Hungry & Foolish Intellectual Properties, said, " is probably India's first digital activation to be done at this scale, in collaboration with brand-names that are huge in their own right like MTV and Cyrus. But the best part is that it allows the audience to make the dad-son story their own, and turns the consumers into Lenovo's brand ambassadors. So while the association with MTV and Cyrus will help Lenovo connect with the youth, the real pay-off will be consumer videos created and shared by real people, convincing the five different kind of dads on the site to get them a Lenovo. And moreover these videos will be forwarded to their real dads expressing their desire and reason to own a Lenovo laptop."   

WATCH a few of the videos contest participants have uploaded





"The 'Please Daddy Please' launch campaign was a huge success for us. It pushed up brand consideration by 20% in just 4 months. By leveraging the father-son relationship, the campaign has not just helped Lenovo stand out from competitors, but more importantly, it has helped us connect with the youth in a meaningful way. We're sure the follow-up campaign and the MTV collaboration will help us strengthen this bond with our audience," said Karan Kapur, deputy general manager - Consumer Marketing at Lenovo.


Agency: Hungry & Foolish Intellectual Properties Pvt Ltd

Chief creative officer: Anto Noval 

Creative directors: Praveen Raj, Prem Kishore

Client: Rahul Agarwal, Karan Kapur 

Producer: Ravi Bhagchandka 

Production house: 200 Not Out Films 

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