Arati Rao
Aug 30, 2010

Adland Rockstar: Jayanarayanan K

This week, Jayanarayanan K, an associate creative director at McCann Erickson, Bangalore, tells Campaign India what he likes about photoshoots for fashion brands.

Adland Rockstar: Jayanarayanan K

How did you get into advertising? Also, what’s your career graph been like since?

From tenth standard, I used to buy magazines only to cut ads from them. And I used to draw as well, I realised it was my passion. I worked as a salesman for BPL Mobile, and a teacher before getting into art full time.

Thanks to an uncle, I was able to study art from Trichur Fine Arts College. Then I went to work at Colours of The World in Palakkad from where I moved to United Media Services in Muscat. I came back to Watermelon, an agency in Bangalore, and from there,  moved to Saatchi Direct, JWT, Happy and now McCann Erickson.   

What was your first week in advertising like? Any madness you still remember?

My first agency, Colours of the World, were the best guys at that point of time in Kerala. I showed the CD there my portfolio, and was taken on board for a stipend of Rs 500.  The first week, I wasn’t allowed to touch the computer at all. All I did was dummy making, then slowly they gave me photoshop cut outs, adaptations and logos. I didn’t sleep the first few weeks!

Which has been the most challenging campaign you’ve worked on (and you’re most satisfied with) till date?

Levi’s Cling Fits. It was my first international campaign, which I worked the whole night to crack and we went to Malyasia to shoot. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go in the helicopter with the photographer to capture the skylines because we were shooting Kangna Ranaut at the same time.  

Having worked on a few fashion brands (V Dot, Levi’s Lifestyle, Basics), tell us about the madness of planning a you enjoy it?

I really love planning shoots. I don’t want to get into the monetary side of things, but I love to plan it: briefing the stylist and the photographer, discussing shots with the photographer and production guy, about hair and make-up and lighting. It’s super fun. And if something goes wrong, I never panic, because if you enjoy yourself, you’ll get at least one shot right.

Which is an international and Indian campaign you wish had your name in the credits list?

Diesel global warming, the Vodafone (then Hutch) puppy and Happydent.

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Who’s the one person in advertising you’d like to meet for dinner?

David Droga...he’s the new-age Ogilvy.

What’s the one thing you love about your job?

It’s unpredictable every day.

What’s the one thing you hate about your job?

It’s unpredictable every day.

Hobbies and interests outside of advertising?

Photography, football, watching films.

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