ZopNow scripts three-hour delivery promise with domestic help Kanta bai

Watch the ad film conceptualised by ZopNow's with Supari Studios here

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ZopNow, a player in the e-grocery space, has rolled out its first television campaign which consists of three films. 
The films which have been conceptualised in-house with Supari Studios highlight the three-hour delivery promise of the portal.
One of the films (above) shows a household help, Kanta bai, lifting weights. When a voice from the background asks her about the status of cleaning the house, she laughs and replies that since there was nothing to work with, she couldn't start working. She shouts out that if she starts going to the market, her salary would need to be doubled. The scene cuts to a mobile phone with the ZopNow app. The orders are placed and delivered within three hours. The voice over says 'no more excuses' as ZopNow is introduced. 
The other films follow a similar pattern.

Praveen Singh, marketing director, ZopNow, said, “Kanta Bai represents everything that can go wrong with your household when you run out of stock of key items right when you need them. In such situations, a service like ours – with three-hour delivery and great product range – comes across as the final savior."
Mukesh Singh, CEO, ZopNow India, said, “We are pretty excited about this campaign since it clearly brings out our vision of turning grocery shopping experience into a fast, fresh and easy experience for every household. This campaign was built on our core customer insights that highlighted how customers valued our fast three-hour delivery for 10000+ products with our easy-to-use website or mobile app”
Akshat Gupt, director, Supari Studios, added, "Zopnow's brief was clear, it was to highlight and establish ZopNow as the destination for anyone who wants his/her grocery shopping to be done Fast, Fresh and Easy. Humour has always been a great way of communicating a message, hence the use of an endearing, amusing, yet immensely infuriating character such as Kanta Bai highlights the frustrations and challenges one faces while running a household in India. This was juxtaposed with a quick and snappy hiphop montage to showcase how ZopNow delivery can help make that process so much easier.”
Client: ZopNow
Script: Praveen Singh (marketing director, ZopNow)
Director (film): Akshat Gupt
Lead producer: Mitali Sharma
Executive producer: Advait Gupt
DOP: Siddharth Vasanity
Music direction, score, sound design: Kim Koshie
VFX head and post supervision: Aditya Tawde (Post Office)
VFX artiste: Kunal Prabhu and Harsh Sharma
Offline edit: Akshat Gupt
Art director: Durga Prasad
Assistant art director : Roshan Modak
Line producer : Sumit Gyanchandaney
Assistant line producer : Vaibhav Dubey
Chief AD: Rahul Upadhyay and Yashodhan Shevade
Second AD : Tanishq Hinduja
Assistant producers: Aashna Agarwal and Krishna Mahtani


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