Raahil Chopra
Jul 13, 2023

When brands give us the freedom of creativity, it's heaven: The Quick Style

We caught up with the 10-member dance crew during their visit to India

The Quick Style, a Norwegian hip-hop and dance crew, are currently in India. The agenda for the visit includes some more brand work in the country from which 60-70% of its followers come. White Rivers Media handles the dance crew's brand work in the country.
We caught up with the 10-member crew to learn how it's progressed from a team of three in 2006 to its current avatar, their advice for brands who want to collaborate with them, trolls, and more...
Excerpts from the video above:
Don't be too aggressive while pushing your product: 
The goal is to see the product, like the product and sell it. It should feel like a cool thing. We did something with Motorola that was cool and it didn't feel like an ad.
Don't say yes to every brand that comes your way:
We appreciate the number of brands that reach out to us but don't say yes to each. Associating with every brand that comes our way will mean we don't have a life left! We are selective because we have a rule on whether the creative will work for us.
Love it when brands give us creative freedom:
That's heaven. You can use all your elements. Most brands give us creative freedom because they know that's our profession. Some of them also have specific wishes for campaigns and we understand that. Both (the brands and us) should always compromise for an effective campaign. 
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