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Sep 09, 2021

Virat Kohli bats for great careers thanks to Great Learning’s degrees

Watch the film conceptualised by The Script Room here

Great Learning, a Byju’s platform for higher and professional education, has rolled out a brand campaign – Great Learning for Great Careers – featuring brand ambassador Virat Kohli. The campaign highlights the degree and certificate programs offered by Great Learning. The campaign comprises two ad films targeted at freshers and young professionals and has been conceptualised by The Script Room.
The films use the cricket pitch as a metaphor for corporate careers, showcasing the need for upskilling to play a good professional inning. Kohli portrays the mentor on the field steering a corporate employee and a fresher away from potential blunders in their respective career games. The ads look to drive home the message of learning being a lifelong journey, wherein it’s important to focus on sharpening one’s skillset over seeking instant gratification.
Aparna Mahesh, chief marketing officer, Great Learning, said, “Career success is a complex recipe with so many ingredients including the right qualifications/degrees, hard work, serious planning and upskilling in order to stay ahead in constantly transforming workplaces. Through the campaign, we have emphasised this message, which has been brilliantly delivered by Virat Kohli! Great Learning offers degrees and certificate programs from the world’s leading educational institutions, that enable aspirants to learn industry-relevant skills. This campaign is sure to hit the sweet spot with our target audience as it revolves around very common situations which many of us have experienced at some point in our careers.” 
Added Rajesh Ramaswamy, founder, The Script Room, “This is a new emerging category with lots of news and advertising happening around. Usually in this category people seem to take a more serious approach. It was important for us to crack a tone of voice that can help break the clutter. And we're really delighted that the client was also keen on taking a different approach. With all the complications of Covid, and Virat in a bio-bubble, we did manage to pull off this idea along with the director Shekhar  Kamble and team.”
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