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Sep 01, 2015

Tata Sky builds excitement for new offering with 'The Transferkars'

Watch the campaign conceptualised by OgilvyOne here

Tata Sky has launched a digital campaign for its upcoming ‘Tata Sky+ Transfer’ set top box. The campaign was launched with three teasers on 31 August 2015. This will be followed by a reveal film on 4 September. Conceptualised by OgilvyOne, the films introduce Tata Sky+ Transfer, which makes content recorded on the set top box available on subscribers’ tablets and phones. 
Each of the three films introduces a member of the 'Transferkars' family – Dilip, Kajal and Dadi.  
One of the films (above) opens with Dilip munching on some snacks and watching television. Armed warriors barge in led by a man on a horse, who puts a sharp weapon to Dilip's throat. His colleagues pick up the television and they all leave. A lady on a throne instructs them to stop, and play. She is introduced as Ms Kajal Transferkar – a Game of Thrones fan who wants to watch the show. The men with weapons were her friends, and the group get together at an outdoor site to watch the show.

Dilip is watching television when the electricity gets cut off. Then, a person makes an 'Undertaker' style entrance. Scared, Dilip runs from the scene. It is revealed that the dadi (grandmother) of the house was dressed like Undertaker and that she's a WWE fan. She starts laughing, places the TV in her garden and enjoys a wrestling action on television. 

The doors open and Dilip comes flying in – he is thrown out of the other room. One can hear the commentary from a wrestling match on TV. He climbs a ladder and onto the roof, where he unplugs the dish antenna. He places that on top of a car, and connects it to a television. As he watches TV in the moving vehicle, he's introduced as Dilip, the Diya Aur Baati Hum fan.
All three films end with a message: 'Now, there is a better way to carry your entertainment. Watch out for the Transferkars'. 
Malay Dikshit, chief communications officer, Tata Sky, said, “Today time comes at a premium, the consumer is increasingly finding it difficult to be constrained by fixed timing and location for viewing even recorded content. Thus the demand for convergence and portability of content. The rapid increase of WiFi enabled homes open up new possibilities and potential for new offerings. The Tata Sky+ Transfer box delivers on this sweet spot allowing subscribers to use their connected homes to enjoy their space and identity. Our focused digital-approach with this new campaign along with the launch of an interactive micro-site would surely intrigue existing and prospective subscribers.” 
George Kovoor, senior creative director, OgilvyOne, said, “Tata Sky has once again set the benchmark through this unique digital-first campaign. At the heart of the campaign is a family of obsessive TV show fans who not only engage the consumers but also demonstrate the Transfer product in a simple yet entertaining story. Fans can follow this family and their quirks on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and even an interactive microsite.”
The campaign is driven on the brand's social channels and on
Client: Tata Sky
Creative agency: OgilvyOne 
Senior CD: George Kovoor 
CD: Anand Gharat
President and country head:  Vikram Menon 
Production house: Corcoise Films
Director (films): Bhavesh Kapadia


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