Smart TVs can make emotional connections: TCL

Watch the ad film conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather here

Jan 11, 2017 06:52:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

TCL has rolled out a film for its range of 'smart TVs', in collaboration with Amazon. The film has been conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather.
It opens with a lady on a laptop, while a man besides her is getting emotional while watching something on television. The lady notices that, and stops doing what she is and comforts the man. The voice over explains that while they were close to each other, it's about re-establishing relationships. Another shot shows a young lady talking on her phone. She notices her father enjoy a YouTube video on his smart TV. Surprised, she ends her conversation on the phone to join him and enjoy the video together. 
The next plot shows a family reuniting with their elders. While they're doing so, a girl is capturing moments on her phone. As hugs are being exchanged, an Amazon package arrives to surprise the elders. The scene shifts to the living room where all of them have divided themselves into smaller groups, and are enjoying their conversations. The elderly couple who they're visiting feel left out. A girl notices this and calls out to her parents before switching on the television. Another girl asks them to watch it, as she connects her phone to the television to mirror what they're doing and view it. The film ends with all of the family seated together, enjoying, as the voice over introduces the television. 
The film was published on YouTube on 29 December 2016.