Ravi Dubey vouches for The Q's content in every household

Watch the films conceptualised by Blitzkrieg here

Dec 16, 2021 08:05:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

The Q has rolled out a campaign titled ‘Sabse alag, sabke liye' (Different from all and for everyone) featuring actor, Ravi Dubey. 


Conceptualised by Blitzkrieg, the films aim to deepen awareness, increase reach, drive inclusivity and strengthen the channel's 'Zara hatke' (out of the box) philosophy. 


The first film (above) features a couple outside a hospital room awaiting to hear about their son's health and recovery. They hear background noises from the room and are agitated by the dialogues. They bust in the room to see what's happening only to find their son along with the doctor watching The Q, showcasing how the channel aims to appeal to all audiences. 


The second film features an office clerk telling an employee that the boss has called him to his cabin. His peers hear raised voices and try listening in on the conversation. However, when the clerk goes into the bosses cabin with tea and snacks he finds that they are both watching The Q. Dubey is featured at the end of both the films reiteriating the brands proposition of a widespread audience appeal. 

Simran Hoon, CEO, The Q, said, “2021 has been exciting and rewarding for us at The Q. We have not simply brought the best of digital on to television, but have also allowed digital talent to be on television. We have partnered with platforms and creators to offer content that keeps our viewers engaged and entertained while building a robust library of content cutting across genres. Our storytelling style has created a distinct position for us in the industry and this helps us win over not just new viewers but also advertisers. With our latest campaign Sabse Alag, Sabke Liye reinforces our commitment to our viewers to provide differentiated content while we embark on our next phase of growth in a Hatke (different) style."


Krishna Menon, COO, The Q, said, “Sabse alag, sabke liye is well integrated and is sure to strike a chord with viewers. It is an ode to our existing viewers, thanking them for their constant support and a warm welcome to new viewers encouraging them to be a part of our growing family. Ravi Dubey’s popularity is equally commendable in rural and urban markets and by leveraging his popularity, we are certain of attracting a new set of viewers to The Q. We look forward to strengthening our industry position and solidifying our Zara Hatke proposition with our latest campaign.”


The campaign is rolled out on digital media, social media, print and radio platforms.