Polo and Vento will bring you back to life says Volkswagen in new TVC

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Volkswagen India has launched a new TVC for its hatchback Polo and its sedan Vento.

The TVC created by DDB India rolls back to the 1970s. It opens with a Parsi father and son shown maintaining their Polo by keeping it clean of crow shit and colours among other things. The film then moves to the present and shows that the man is no more, his son has grown up and now has a son of his own. The man is then shown driving his new Polo along with his wife and infant, with the child shown to be a reincarnation of his grandfather as he gets upset by the sight of mud splashed on his Polo. The film then shows a super that reads, 'The Polo. You'll come back for it' and ends with shots of the new Polo and Vento.   

Commenting on the campaign, a Volkswagen spokesperson said, "Through the campaign we wanted to create consumer intrigue and excitement around the Polo and Vento in a usual Volkswagen storytelling manner."

Lutz Kothe, head of marketing and PR, Volkswagen, said, “The new Volkswagen Polo and Vento campaign creates curiosity with the target to get prospective customers directly to the showroom. This also makes it different to other campaigns.”

Rajeev Raja, creative head on Volkswagen said, “Set in India of the 1970’s, it's the story of a Parsi gentleman and his son. The Parsi gentleman, typically, is obsessed with his long owned Volkswagen Polo. He wipes away even the slightest blemish on his beloved car with a characteristic 'tsk, tsk'. Time passes on and so does the Parsi gentleman. His son now married with a baby, buys a new Polo, and as they drive out there's a pleasant surprise in store for them. "

He added, "The task was to intrigue and excite the consumer about the Polo and Vento, while keeping the Volkswagen brand values intact. The creative idea revolved around the fact that the offer is so tempting that you would come back for it…even across lifetimes. The insight came from the passion and attention to detail that the Parsis have, especially when it comes to their automobiles. The casting of the characters was crucial and challenging. The characters had to age across 40 years. To enhance believability, a real Parsi was in the lead role. As was the older son. The commercial was treated as a very 'real' piece of communication and shot after shot was taken till the expressions were absolutely spot on. Shooting the baby and getting his expressions was entirely dependent on the little fellows mood. Luckily he was in great form."

The campaign will be on air until mid February and the TVC has been supported by a print, online and OOH campaign.


Agency: DDB India
Creative head on Volkswagen: Rajeev Raja 
Vice president: Anurag Tandon
Group director - brand communications: Giridhar Bhat 
Creative directors: Ranjit Sasidharan, Sreejith Kodoth
Executive brand communications: Lahar Joshi
Films head: Michael Remedios 


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