Shephali Bhatt
Sep 10, 2012

Parle 20-20 cooks up quick snack formula for 'empty stomach'

WATCH the ad films created by Ogilvy India

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Parle Products has brought out a new campaign to position Parle 20-20 cookies as a quick time snack. The campaign titled, 'empty stomach' aims at targeting teenagers and young adults.Two of the three TVCs of the campaign are on air now.

The first film, shot in college library, shows a couple exchanging a heart-shaped trinket via a boy's empty stomach. Their clear passage gets blocked the very instant the boy gobbles a Parle 20-20 cookie.

The second film, shot in an office, shows a few colleagues throwing curled up paper rags in a bin, again via a colleague's empty stomach. Their fun ends when the famished, pale-looking man pops in a Parle 20-20 cookie to fill his empty stomach.

Watch the second TVC here:




Mayank Shah, group product manager, Parle Products, said, "The creative brief was shared keeping in mind today's generation, who prefers everything very quickly. The objective of this TVC was to build strong consumer brand franchise for the brand amongst the target group by positioning 20-20 cookies as an ideal quick snack for today’s generation through effective advertising."

Anup Chitnis, executive creative director, said, "The 20-20 cricket format is suggestive of a quick-time game. Similarly, with Parle 20-20 we wanted to communicate that the product is a quick-time snack that fixes your hunger in no time. Everybody connects with the concept of an empty stomach; we just wanted to leverage it, albeit in a comical manner."

The campaign extends its legs beyond TV, to print, radio and outdoor. It is expected to stay on air for the next three months. The same could be extended further depending on the feedback, Chitnis mentioned.

Unplugged moments:

Chitnis explained that by virtue of the funny concept, the shoot was full of moments where one was found cracking up on the sets. The three films were shot in a day each. The shoot involved extensive use of mannequins. The sequences where the viewer gets to see a hole in the protagonist's stomach, depicting empty stomach, were shot using a mannequin. Getting the magnitude of the mannequin in sync with that of the real character was critical during the shoot, he surmised.

The college film was shot at Wilson's College in Mumbai, and the office film in an Andheri office, also in the city.


Client: Parle Products - Pravin Kulkarni (general manager, marketing), Mayank Shah (group product manager)
Agency: Ogilvy India
Executive creative director: Anup Chitnis
Senior creative director: Santosh Patil 
Creative team: Joejee Manthanam, Satish Haldankar, Ranjit Mahatre
Account management: Hirol Gandhi (vice president), Manas Danait (account director), Ashish Arya, Prasidh Dalvi
Planning: Ganapathy Balagopalan (vice president)

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