New campaign for Officer’s Choice hopes to awaken the spirit of righteousness

WATCH the TVC directed by Prahlad Kakkar and created by Metaphor Communications

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Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD) has launched a new TVC for its flagship brand Officer’s Choice. The ad campaign entices the consumer to awaken the ‘officer’ inside them, and is used as a metaphor for the ability to have the assessment of righteousness.
Commenting about the new campaign, Ahmed Rahimtoola, vice president, marketing, ABD said “Officer’s Choice identified the core need of this consumer segment and created a disruptive positioning for the brand based on strong consumer insights. In a market where brands have pitched their communication on premium, achievement and style, Officer’s Choice chose to appeal to the consumer’s conscience and positioned itself on the platform of righteousness.”
The film begins at a police nakabandi, where a group of drunk youngsters try to bribe their way out from the cops, then shifts to a group of young men urging their friend to start conversation with a girl who is interested in him at the adjacent table and cuts to a railway station where a young guy stops in his run to check out an elderly couple trying to bring down their luggage on the stairs to catch the train. The film continues each of the three scenes in order of appearance and has the police officer returning the bribe money with a receipt, the guy at the restaurant informing his stand of not getting tempted despite the knowledge that his wife may not know about this, and tells his friend that the old couple are someone’s father and helps them in boarding the train. A voiceover runs through the film talking about the choice taken by these guys equal to that of true officers. 
Sharing his views about the film, Prahlad Kakkar, director of the commercial added, “These are one of the best commercials that I have come across in the liquor category. Because they talk about human values and the choice’s we have before us in our life, whether to take a ‘patli gali’ or stand tall; even at a personal cost. However, the protagonist exhibits his officer like qualities and in the end makes the right choice.”
Client: Allied Blenders and Distillers
Agency: Metaphor Communications
Director: Prahlad Kakkar
Production House: Genesis Films


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