Pooja Ahuja Nagpal
Aug 14, 2013

Motilal Oswal woos investors back with ‘solid advice’: ‘Buy right, sit tight’

Watch the ad film created by Cartwheel Communications

Financial services firm Motilal Oswal has launched a campaign titled ‘Mission: Save the Investor’. The TVC created by Cartwheel Communications was screened in cinemas on 9 August and is slated to go on TV soon.
The film portrays an advisor from Motilal Oswal being entrusted with ‘Mission: Save the investor’. On the lines of a Hollywood detective flick, he is introduced wearing a hat and dressed in a long coat while the super reads, ‘The man from Motilal Oswal is back’. He is given the mandate by a higher up from the company. They discuss that India is losing investors as they have forgotten the golden rule: ‘Buy right, sit tight’. He is given a list of investors and asked to get them back. The film goes on to show the protagonist meeting them and discussing their investing techniques. The first investor says that he kept buying and selling in the hope that something would click. The protagonist explains to him that money moves from the active to the patient investor. Another complains that he kept following hot ‘tips’ which turned out to be flops. The protagonist explains that ‘tips are for gamblers’ and that investors need ‘solid advice’. He meets more people on the list who give him their reasons for moving away from the stock markets. The protagonist patiently explains what went wrong in their approach, successfully changing their point of view towards investing in the stock market. Net result: the number of investors goes up.
On the objective of the communication, Ramnik Chhabra, associate director and head, marketing, Motilal Oswal Financial Services, said, “Lay investors today appear to be disenchanted with equities. The reasons are not difficult to gauge. Often they are drawn to equities during bull market frenzies. They simply follow the herd and bet on whatever stocks are popular, without even bothering to understand the businesses the stocks represent. They begin to wrongly equate gambling with investing. When one gamble fails to pay off, they jump to the next, hoping that will. Such a strategy is bound to backfire. When the frenzy dies down, such investors are left impoverished and disillusioned. As a result we have seen investors moving away from equities.” 
He explained that the objective of the campaign is to induce these investors to come back and invest in equity.
Client: Motilal Oswal
Creative agency: Cartwheel Communications
Agency head: D Ramakrishna
Campaign India

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