Max Fashion points to 'endless ways out' of comic bloopers, with value and variety

Watch the ad films conceptualised by J. Walter Thompson here

Oct 13, 2016 04:30:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Max Fashion has rolled out its first television campaign of two films conceptualised by J. Walter Thompson.
One of the films features a couple in the kitchen. The husband is mixing the dough, and the wife is occupied stirring something. The husband's phone rings at the time and the man gestures to his wife to answer the phone. She does so and puts the phone on loud speaker. On the phone is the man's friend. The friend informs him that the idea he had given him about lying to his wife about a presentation in office, to go watch a match, worked. He further adds that even he should tell his wife the same and go with him. The wife who has heard this conversation gives the man a glaring look. He looks back, speechless. The scene shifts to the lady at Max, trying on clothes. Watching her and complimenting her is her husband. A super appears: 'Damage control at Rs 599'. The film ends with the message, 'Over 3,000 styles. Endless ways out.'

Another film features a father and his young daughter daughter at the dining table. The child is eating as her father reads her a story. As he finishes reading, he drops his drink. He wipes the table, but his daughter looks on shocked. She gets off the table and continues frowning. The man wipes off the drink and looks satisfied until he spots her crying. She points towards a soft toy that he has used by mistake to clean the mess. This film too shifts to inside a Max store. The daughter is happy again, new toy in tow. A message appears 'Win her back at Rs 599'.
Jiten Mahendra, vice president – marketing, Max Fashion, said, “We are proud to say that the brand is a true mirror of the young India, where 75 per cent of our customers are between the age group of 18 to 34. The TV campaign is a step ahead to reinforce Max positioning and its commitment to democratise fashion in the country. With over 300 stores in 16 countries and five million loyal customer base in India, the brand is here to grow! With the success of Max over the last five years, this campaign will ensure a stronger brand connect with the existing customer and bring newer audiences to the brand and TV is the perfect medium to talk to such a wide audience and showcase brand presence at a national stage.”
Senthil Kumar, chief creative officer, J. Walter Thompson, added, “We are very excited to embark on a new journey with Max Fashion on TV.  It has been a strong and exciting collaboration between Max Fashions, JWT and Curious. With this campaign the attempt is to create an interesting spin to value fashion that is more relatable to the brand's core consumer. Inspired from everyday life moments, the stories are spiked with a mild touch of humour and fun.”
Max had launched in India over a decade ago. It currently has 150 stores in 60 cities.
Client: Max Fashion
Creative agency: JWT Bangalore
Head of agency: Joy Chauhan
Chief creative officer: Senthil Kumar
Client servicing: Sandeep Shah 
Production house: Curious
Director: Vivek Kakkad
(Amended at 10:30 am on 18 October 2016 following a clarification from J. Walter Thompson to name Curious as the production house instead of Curious Films as published earlier.)