Hrithik Roshan stays one step ahead with RummyCircle

Watch the films conceptualised by L&K Saatchi & Saatchi here

Jun 27, 2022 01:04:00 PM | Video | Campaign India Team Share - Share to Facebook

RummyCircle has rolled out a campaign titled ‘Raho Ek Kadam Aage’ (stay one step further) featuring actor Hrithik Roshan to reiterate the company’s core proposition. 


Conceptualised by L&K Saatchi & Saatchi, the films aim to showcase how a player can overcome challenges in life, much like the game of Rummy, by being one step ahead. 


The first film ‘photoshoot’, opens up with Roshan playing RummyCirlce on a set location. A stunt man, while checking on the harness Roshan was supposed to be on, ends up breaking it. The director tells Roshan that the shoot is cancelled. However, Roshan gets the ball rolling by finding a prop that can become a trampoline jumping equipment and gets on with the photo shoot. 


The second film ‘yacht’ showcases how a well-lit background goes dark due to a power cut, but Roshan finds a way to resume the celebrations in an even more interesting manner. He puts on his phone’s flashlight and places a glass on top of it so that it illuminates the place. Seeing Roshan's solution to the problem, other people on the yacht follow suit and the party is resumed. 

The film will be rolled out on TV, digital and social media platforms.