Girnar ‘cheers’ a mother-son reunion

Watch the digital film conceptualised by Terribly Tiny Talkies here

May 15, 2015 09:06:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Girnar Food and Beverages launched a short film online titled ‘Cheers’ on the occasion of Mother’s Day. The film has been conceptualised and executed by Terribly Tiny Talkies (TTT). This is the first time that TTT has collaborated with a brand for a short film.

The film opens at the home of a man, where he orders a bottle of whisky. He gets dressed  and leaves for his mother’s house, on her invitation. He explains through the voice over that they will be meeting after a span of ten years, and that he had left home after a tiff with his mother, who was an alcoholic then. He reaches her home and the awkwardness is evident. She asks him what he would like to have and heads into the kitchen. He doesn’t answer. She returns with a tea tray and pours each of them a cup, retrieving tea bags from a Girnar tea box. The son is surprised at her choice of beverage and asks about the change. She responds saying that she switched over to tea ever since she started missing her son. They start catching up on each other’s lives, with her smoking a cigarette. Time passes and the conversations seem to come to a halt when she offers him more tea. The son politely declines and gets up to leave. Just then, she asks him to take back the whisky bottle, reaffirming that she has quit drinking for good. We see the son disposing off the bottle in a bin as he exits the building. The voice over comes back into play as we see the son leaving the building with the mother asking if he will visit again and the man replying that he will, provided that it is over tea.    

Sachin Bhansali, director, Girnar Food and Beverages, said, “There’s no better way to strengthen bonds than over a cup of Girnar Tea. This message is beautifully portrayed in a heartwarming short film by the team at TTT.”

Chintan Ruparel, co-founder, Terribly Tiny Talkies, said, “People want good stories. It doesn’t matter if they come from a brand as long as they have a strong emotional connect. Having an advertising background helps in understanding short format storytelling without losing out on the essence of the brand.”

Anuj Gosalia, co-founder, Terribly Tiny Talkies, added, “In any case, partnering quality content creators increasingly seems like the way to go for brands on the social web. In fact, it’s a win-win-win situation, because it benefits not just the brand and the content platform but also the audience.”


Client: Girnar Food and Beverages
Created and executed by: Terribly Tiny Talkies