Flying Machine promises to keep ‘things that matter’ cool

Watch the online films conceptualised by Experience Commerce

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Arvind Brands has launched a digital campaign for its latest offering – ‘Ice Cool Denims’ under its Flying Machine brand. The campaign targeting youth comprises of three films conceptualised by Experience Commerce.

The films attempt to communicate how ‘Ice Cool Denims’ are differentiated from others – they keep one cool.

The films adopt a split screen treatment with the look and feel of Instagram.

A film titled ‘Ice Cool Beer’ features a denim-clad young man standing in front of a refrigerator, reading a note that says: ‘Fridge not working’. He picks a can of beer and places it in one of the pockets of his pants and strikes off ‘not’ from the note. He proceeds to place more cans in the other pockets, before walking away casually. A super says ‘Keep things that matter, cool’ before Flying Machine’s Ice Cool Denims are introduced in the sign off.  

Another of the films features a squabbling couple with the girl throwing things at the young man. He pulls his girlfriend and makes her sit on his lap, implying that he wants her to cool down. She does, thanks to the feel of the denim he’s wearing.

‘Ice Cool Balls’ is the title of yet another film in the series. A young man wipes sports balls of all sizes placed on a table in front of him with utmost care. A section of the screen has a super that reads ‘I love my balls’.The boy is then shown placing a table tennis ball in each of his front trouser pockets before walking away. A poster behind him comes into view. It reads: ‘I love my balls that’s why I keep them cool.’ 

Alok Dubey , CEO, Arvind Brands, said, “Iconic fashion brands need to continuously innovate not just on their core fashion and style quotient but also on technological innovations in fabric as well as the medium through which to communicate. The new ‘Ice Cool Denim’ ads are an example of innovation extending right from the fabric to styling and into media innovation.”


Client: Arvind Brands (Flying Machine)

Creative and media agency: Experience Commerce








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