Exide Life says #NoMoreShortCuts to pitch long-term planning, with Jugaadulal’s story

Watch the digital video conceptualised by Autumn Worldwide here

Jan 12, 2016 11:11:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Exide Life Insurance has launched a month-long campaign themed #NoMoreShortCuts across social media, which includes a digital film. The campaign has been conceptualised by Autumn Worldwide.
The film focuses on quick fixes that the protagonist ‘Jugaadulal’ resorts to, without any long-term planning. When the induction stove blows a fuse, he chooses to use the iron box to heat up instant noodles. When things fail, he remembers his father’s advice, urging him to engage in long-term planning instead of resorting to quick fixes. Even his wedding does not make him change his ways. Using the legs of his pajamas to direct wind from the cooler, he earns admiration of his doting mother – until it ends up damaging the cooler. Even after two kids, there’s no sign of change. When his wife and kids cannot take it anymore and walk away from the scooter he forces them onto, the narrator says: ‘There can be some quick fixes in life, but life cannot run on quick-fixes’, before introducing Exide Life Insurance.
Mohit Goel, director – marketing, Exide Life Insurance, said, “The message integrates perfectly with our brand mission of helping Indians prepare financially for a long and happy life. Through this execution, we want our customers to know while shortcuts work sometimes, they aren’t always the best solution. And for a long and happy life, you need to have the foresight for long-term planning. This is truly specific for financial planning because there are no shortcuts to making money.”
Brand: Exide Life Insurance
Agency: Autumn Worldwide