Castrol Magnatec gives bumpy car rides an oiled antidote

Watch the films conceptualised by Ogilvy here

Mar 28, 2022 10:36:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Castrol Magnatec has rolled out a campaign to showcase its BS-VI range of engine oils.
Conceptualised by Ogilvy, the films showcase how Castrol Magnetec delivers protection to car users while starting the engine of a car if isn’t oiled properly. 
The first film features a family in a car saying bye to a man on the street. The man who is listening to music sees the family bouncing and thinks they are listening to music as well. But as he nears the car he sees that it is having a startup issue while the driver starts the engine.
The second film showcases a child drawing a card for his mother. The father comes to the driveway and tells the mother and child who is ready for school to get in the car. When the father starts the car ignition, the car starts to wobble, and the child who is sketching a card ends up messing it up due to the unsteady movements.
Both the films end by highlighting the benefits of a smooth car ignition process. 
Jaya Jamrani, vice president - marketing, Castrol India, said, “We understand that while consumers love their cars and enjoy the comfortable rides, they don’t necessarily connect with the technological feat. This occurs under the hood, particularly the stress that car engines go through with every start. With our new campaign, we want to bring consumers closer to this problem of engine wear and communicate how Castrol Magnetec could be the perfect solution.”