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Dec 29, 2014 urges 'Mr I Know' to not only listen but see as well

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Online car shopping portal has rolled out an ad film that is entitled, ‘Mr. I know’. The film has been conceptualised by Linen Lintas.

The film follows the life of a know it all protagonist, ‘Mr. I know’. It begins with him sitting outside the delivery room of a hospital where he is informed of the birth of his child. His response to this is, ‘I know’.

This sets the tone for the rest of the film as the protagonist is shown using his trademark statement in various situations. He seems to know the plot to a Bollywood movie, the specs of a phone and the differences between various mobile operating systems and so on.

The film cuts to a shot of Mr. I know blind folded as the voice over informs the viewers that even Mr. I know becomes Mr. I don’t know when it comes to buying a car. The film shows Mr. I know being over sold on what the prospective car he is being shown can do. Just before he is about to commit to a test drive for a car he knows nothing about, he is interrupted by a doctor (who informed him about the birth of his child right at the start of the film), who tells him, “suno nahi, dekho” ( don’t listen, look).

The film ends with a super of the company.

LK Gupta, CMO, CarDekho said, “After our first hard-working TV commercial that successfully took CarDekho to a wider audience, our task was to refresh communication with a continuing brand thought and value proposition. ‘Mr. I know’ does just that – presenting the same proposition in an entertaining and memorable manner, with a sharp consumer insight. This new CarDekho campaign as not only given birth to an interesting character called ‘Mr. I know’, but also takes the earlier story of ‘suno nahi dekho’ forward."

Jaideep Mahajan, ECD, Linen Lintas, said, “The launch campaign (with the thought ‘suno nahi dekho’) was based on the fact that people get advice about cars from all quarters, and yet they remain confused when they have to make a decision. This new campaign takes that thought a step forward in an interesting manner."

Pranav Harihar, GCD, Linen Lintas, added, “You find characters like ‘Mr. I know’ all around you. Sub-consciously, we use the phrase ‘I know’ in our daily conversation too. In the film ‘Mr. I know’ does just that–interrupting others and completes their sentences.”

Agency: Linen Lintas, Delhi
ECD: Jaideep Mahajan
GCD: Pranav Harihar
Client Servicing: Sirish Gudibande, Shubhi Pandey
Production: Film Farm


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