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Sep 13, 2016

Britannia 'Good Day' brings on the smiles, with Padukone

Watch the ad film conceptualised by McCann Erickson here

Britannia Good Day has rolled out a new film featuring Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone, conceptualised by McCann Erickson. 
It opens with Padukone outside an elevator. When the doors open, she greets a young woman inside with a smile. But the lady is busy on her phone to return it. Padukone lets the doors of the elevator close and presses the button to open them again. As she catches the girl's attention once more, she smiles again. The woman notices Padukone's efforts and returns her smile. The duo wave goodbye to each other as they exit to start their days in different ways. The scenario repeats itself as Padukone picks up a newspaper from a roadside vendor, who is initially too busy reading to look away and see her smile. When Padukone misses her bus, she opens a packet of Good Day biscuits. A young girl walks up and inverts the cookie in Padukone's hand, and it seems like it's smiling at her. The girl asks Padukone to smile and asks her if she can drop her to her destination on her cycle. Padukone joins her and the film ends with the duo riding the cycle together. A voice over says, 'Smile more for a Good Day'. 
Ali Harris Shere, VP - marketing, Britannia Industries, said, “A smile is one of the simplest gestures known to mankind, an expression that denotes sociability and happiness. And yet why do we Indians smile so less? From that question arose the brand purpose of Good Day, which is to make people smile more. We believe it’s a powerful idea, one that a large brand like Good Day which embodies Smiles right from product to logo, is well positioned to propagate.”
Subramani Ramachandran, executive creative director - Asia Pacific, McCann Erickson,  said, “The brief was to appropriate smile to the brand. So we relied on cultural truths. Culturally in India we are taught not to unnecessarily smile or talk to strangers. In fact, the usual narrative is 'am I mad to smile at people I don't know' ‎but in the west people always greet you and never blankly stare at you. We wanted to ‎change that here hence if you see the film we have used real life situations that we have either gone through or seen sometimes in life. It's a film that's very close to my heart as it’s not just product selling but a statement a brand is making. And no other brand except Good Day can do it”.
The film went live on the brand's YouTube page on 5 September 2016.
(Amended to include comments at 13:55 hrs on 16 September.)


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