Ayushmann Khurrana gets a suitable Titan Eyeplus by asking the right questions

Watch the film conceptualised by Ogilvy here

Aug 02, 2022 11:12:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team Share - Share to Facebook

Titan Eyeplus has rolled out a campaign titled ‘expert who cares’ featuring its brand ambassador Ayushmann Khurrana to highlight the consumer’s approach to buying eyewear. 
Conceptualised by Ogilvy, the film aims to spread awareness of the important aspects of the consumer journey. It features Khurrana with a child in a Titan Eyeplus showroom in an instance where they have to buy spectacles. Khurrana begins the process as most consumers would by checking how the frames look.Then, in an interesting turn the child urges Khurrana to reconsider his questions and takes charge of the situation. The film aims to convey the importance of asking the right questions about your eye health and assures consumers that they have all the right answers to their concerns. 
Maneesh Krishnamurthy, marketing head, EyeCare Division, Titan Company, said, “Today, consumers restrict their questions to style and price while purchasing eyewear and our new campaign is born out of the desire to change this very perspective. We had very serious questions to ask, what better way than to ask it disarmingly with a child’s innocence. The brand promise of Titan Eyeplus is expertise, empathy, and through the ‘experts who cares’ campaign, we take that conversation forward. Titan Eye+ insists that only qualified optometrists test eyes through our unique 20-step eye test as well as recommend the correct eye care for each consumer’s needs.” 
Puneet Kapoor, CCO, Ogilvy Bengaluru, said, “With this campaign, Titan Eyeplus champions a behavioural insight in the category which is an eye-opener for most seasoned spectacle wearers. The entire category is so heavily dominated, only by the style conversation, that the conversation around accurate vision correction is diluted. While style is important, and we have frames that have won enough design awards, the conversation around accurate testing and accurate prescription need to be rescued from the blind spot it sits in right now. That’s where this campaign scores and gets the right balance in the conversation we need to have.”