Campaign India Team
Nov 02, 2022

Akash Gupta and The Great Khali Goibibo for their travels

Watch the films here

Goibibo has launched a campaign to highlight a contest through which holiday travel essentials can be won. The films feature The Great Khali and comedian Akash Gupta, who enact the horrors of not finding a bathroom when on a travel adventure and the struggle one faces while finding an armrest in an aeroplane. 
The first film begins with a fictional Goibibo merchandise show, hosted by Gupta. He introduces Khali, who looks back on his bathroom terrors when he was trekking in the mountains. The duo then asks the viewers to not fret their next trek, since the launch of the Go-Go Kit will cover all their needed essentials. 
In the second film, Gupta is sandwiched in the middle seat of an aircraft. While he already struggles for his armrest between the seats, Khali takes the seat to his left, making it impossible for him to get any armrest. However, Gupta confidently takes out Goibibo’s ArmWrest invention and shares it with Khali, making them both comfortable travel buddies. 
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