A23 highlights gaming offerings through Shah Rukh Khan

Watch the films conceptualised by Vector Brand Solutions here

Aug 31, 2022 04:42:00 PM | Video | Campaign India Team

A23 has rolled out a campaign featuring its brand ambassador actor Shah Rukh Khan to showcase its gaming offerings for online rummy. 


Conceptualised by Vector Brand Solutions, the films showcase the features of the online gaming platform and how it builds community. 


The first film showcases Khan as the 'baadshah' (king) of rummy. The film features Khan on a film set talking to the crew members. Khan tells the crew members that the protagonist Neeraj's name on A23 rummy is 'Baadshah 123'. He then goes on to ask the protagonist why he is sad, to which Neeraj replies that he lost a game of online rummy while competing with Khan. The film ends with Khan asking Neeraj who the real king of rummy is, to which he declares it's Khan who is the real baadshah of A23 rummy. 


The second film depicts Khan in different snippets featuring an array of players on the A23 rummy platform. The film then showcases how Khan comes in contact with all these versatile players on the A23 platform. 


Deepak Gullapalli, founder and chief executive officer, Head Digital Works, said, “We have received a lot of love and acceptance from the audience on our platform over our journey, and this would not have been possible without the way we positioned our brand. Today, as flag bearers of skill-based gaming in India, we believe it is imperative to reiterate the importance of responsible gaming from time to time to ensure that players are mindful of the amount of time and money they spend on our platform. This new set of advertisements is yet another step towards re-enforcing our brand’s message.”


The campaign has been rolled out on digital and TV.