Arati Rao
May 20, 2011

Your weekend reading list

This week's recommendation comes from Minakshi Achan, co-founder, Salt Brand Solutions

Your weekend reading list

This week, we asked Salt Brand Solutions' co-founder Minakshi Achan if she's read something recently that she liked:


"Am reading Paul Smith's adventurous travel tale 'Twitchhiker'. A wonderful account of how he travelled around the world using twitter. It captures his travel mission of seeing how far he could travel in 30 days solely relying on the kindness and  goodwill of his twitter friends and partners and their followers. It starts in the bread aisle of Tesco and ends in an island off New Zealand. His tweets and conversations are enlightening; peppered  with insights about unmissable sights in various cities, about the rules he had of not accepting help from non twitter users, how he never stays longer than 48 hours in a location and how his travel could not be  planned in advance.  As the world's first 'globe-twitterer', it's an amazing story of how twitter connects strangers and friends alike and the wonderful connections that unfold through his travels.:)"  

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