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Dec 29, 2016

Year-ender: 'Women empowerment and space explorations will continue': Shriram Iyer

We ask adlanders for their standout moment of 2016, and an outrageous prediction for the year to come

Year-ender: 'Women empowerment and space explorations will continue': Shriram Iyer
Shriram Iyer
NCD, Mullen Lintas
"At a macro-level, the year was about how the world handed over power to people who weren't exactly 'right'. Voting in Donald Trump was an instance.
"The year also saw the death of some great musicians, the latest being George Michael.
"People were also overly obsessed with women. Everyone was jumping into the empowerment of women with marketing agendas. I'm not so sure even women were so thrilled about the whole noise. I personally don't know how sincere an effort it was, but it was needed to be done, so the world did it. The bandwagon was so big, and in the end it was surprising that Hillary Clinton didn't win.
"The world obsessed about super heroes and outer space. My whole theory for the same is that people need super heroes, because the world needs to be saved. If you can't save the world, there needs to be an exit plan in place, and that's why the space travel."
Predictions for 2017
"I have a feeling both women empowerment and space explorations will continue. I hope in the political sense, the wars and current chaos end themselves. Hopefully, India gets comfortable with less cash in the system.
"2017 is going to be about self-governing. More and more communities will be built. I have a feeling, we can't rely on the big government to solve all our problems. Problem solving on social media will be big and won't be just chatter.
"One more thing may happen, and if does it will be nice. We may find interesting new ways to transact. This whole so-called demonetisation that has affected some and not affected some, throws open newer ways to transact. It may mean going back to older ways of transacting using the old-communities method. Social media will throw up these options. They won't be monetary transactions. It will be an exchange between like-minded people. Ofcourse it won't be official, but will be interesting."
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