Year-ender: 'Unusual choices for the corner offices of late': Shavon Barua

We ask adlanders for their standout moment of 2016, and an outrageous prediction for the year to come

Dec 26, 2016 04:18:00 PM | Article | Campaign India Team

Shavon Barua,
Managing partner, PHD India
"Too many dramatic changes worldwide right? Arguably, a large part of the world has made a fairly odd choice in a leader, intensely inhuman behaviour of the humankind is constant, and at home the entire toss up of the way we lived…. Yes, 2016 has been dramatic for sure.
And how can adland be left behind? Change there too, especially with respect to the unusual choices for the corner offices of late! 
If these were the not-so-nice happenings, there were some good changes too… A larger acceptance of the gender diversity, digital becoming mainstream and attempts made to do some path breaking work…
So an eventful and pacey 2016 it has been for sure."
An outrageous prediction for 2017
"It would be really nice to break more and more of the heavy duty ‘boys club’ industry bodies and see many more women there. To  have the creative think tanks accept that digital is here to stay, to see some brave ideas. 
Finally to see more 'young' (and not just the young at heart types) people taking reins of the business…
Here’s to an interesting 2017 ahead."
(Views expressed are personal.)
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