Year-ender 2018: 'Accenture will buy WPP'

We ask industry leaders for a surprising moment from 2018 and a prediction for 2019

Dec 21, 2018 04:19:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

Campaign India's December series where industry leaders talk about a surprising moment from 2018 and an expectation from 2019 continues.       
Here's what Roopak Saluja, founder and chief executive officer, The 120 Media Collective, had to say:
Surprising moment of 2018 
At least two people who’ve opined in this section over the past week have already said this, so I tried hard to say something else. But it became enormously clear to me that nothing came even remotely close to being as surprising as Sorrell’s departure from WPP.
Prediction for 2019:
Accenture will buy WPP. Publicis and Omnicom (or ‘POG’ as Sorrell likes to call it, much to the annoyance of Maurice Lévy), will have another go at a merger and that may not be the only one. S4 will make swift moves, that will confound the industry, to grow beyond peanut-coconut status. And there we’ll have the beginnings of a radical realignment of the industry as we’ve known it for decades. Lots of upsetting of incumbents, disruption of the establishment and that sort of stuff on the cards. Get ready for a staggeringly eventful year that will completely alter industry dynamics.

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