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Dec 11, 2017

'With ideas coming from media, their effectiveness is also tracked': Anita Nayyar

Beginning today, media veterans share their views on the re-integration of media into the creative agency

'With ideas coming from media, their effectiveness is also tracked': Anita Nayyar
Post Sandeep Goyal's blog, Comment: Is the full service agency coming back?, we wrote to media veterans for their views.
Anita Nayyar, CEO - India & South Asia, Havas Media Group says that Havas was the first agency to move to the unified model a few years back. 
"Today many agencies are moving back to a unified model. This is so because being customer-centric is the key today. Having an integrated view of consumers across the web, on any device or platform is the need of the hour. At Havas, we are promoting the culture of forward thinking among our teams by encouraging cross-functional alignment," she says. 
Nayyar adds that it is all about working together to produce consistent messaging for the consumer and to protect health of a brand. "Collaboration is challenging but a win-win for all parties involved in the long run."
However, she disagrees that the separation of creative and media has sucked ideas out of the media business. "In fact it is the other way round. The lines between creative and media have blurred as far as ideation and creativity are concerned. Today you see some fantastic creative work from media agencies and more and more of the awards are being won by them. Even better with these ideas/creatives coming from media, their effectiveness is also tracked. After all ideas can come from anywhere," she says.
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