Sandeep Goyal

Oct 05, 2023

Sandeep Goyal's blog: Dear ASCI, stay vigilant

While the IPL was relatively free of surrogate advertising, the long list of ICC and Disney Star sponsors has various liquor brands among them and so the author urges ASCI to stay vigilant

Mar 31, 2023

Blog: Open letter to the ASCI chairperson on ...

Ahead of the IPL, the author continues his crusade against misuse of surrogate advertising by liquor brands

Jun 15, 2022

Has Viacom18 paid over the top for the IPL digital ...

The author shares his thoughts on the IPL bidding war for media rights

Jun 13, 2022

Blog: Is this the end of surrogate advertising, ...

The Government of India’s Central Consumer Protection Authority, on 9 June 2022 put out guidelines for the prevention of false or misleading advertisements

May 09, 2022

Can Mother's Day be universalised in brand messaging?

The author shares how brands should be empathetic in conveying messages for Mother's Day

Mar 26, 2022

Opinion: Will the IPL 15 see the return of ...

The author questions if liquor ads would make a comeback on Star TV, or if ASCI would intervene, as the new edition of IPL commences