Nov 03, 2020

Blog: ASCI on liquor surrogates - too little, too late

The author states that the release shared by ASCI on surrogate advertising is anchored on flimsy claims

Oct 14, 2020

Blog: Don't quote process, demonstrate purpose

Sandeep Goyal responds to Subhash Kamath's reply to his open letter

Oct 12, 2020

Blog: Open letter to Subhash Kamath, chairman, ASCI ...

The author requests the new ASCI chairman to examine all the surrogate advertisements currently on air during the IPL

Sep 05, 2020

Blog: Akshay Kumar says good bye PubG, welcome Fau-G!

Akshay Kumar’s announcement has given FAU-G both the PR hi-ground, and possibly a first mover advantage created by the exit of PUBG, states the author

Aug 27, 2020

Blog: Brand Dhoni - what are the best positioning ...

In this exclusive piece for Campaign, the author extracts information from a 23-city research covering 60,000 respondents on MS Dhoni.

Aug 20, 2020

Blog: Trust the Japanese to celebrate amidst adversity

Hanabi or ‘fireworks’ organised to lift the mood of the nation during the pandemic