What will India look like 75 years later? (Part four)

We ask industry honchos to turn ‘Paul The Octopus’ and predict what the country will look like 150 years after its independence...

Aug 22, 2022 08:12:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

Campaign India released a print issue to celebrate India's 75th year of Independence. In this print issue, we asked industry heads to make outrageous predictions about what India would look like at 150 years. 
In part four of this series, read what PG Aditiya, co-founder, Talented, and Rubeena Singh, country manager, Josh, VerSe Innovation, had to say:


PG Aditiya

  • Uday Chopra finds success as an advertising icon.
  • T20 becomes T1. Cricket matches are telecasted live on YouTube shorts!  
  • Swiggy and Zomato can’t decide who’s number one - they merge to create a super app - Swomato.
Rubeena Singh
  • People will spend more time in a virtual world.
  • Human manual labour will be replaced by robots.
  • Unlimited clean energy will consign pollution to the history books.
  • There will be no incurable diseases as technology will figure how to weed out whatever is harmful.
  • Travel industry (hotels and airline) will die because people will teleport/beam themselves wherever they want to go.
  • Space tourism will become as common as going to Khandala. Honeymoon packages on the moon will be sold by travel agents in Chembur.
  • Humans will start interacting/hanging out with aliens.

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