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Jul 12, 2021

Twitter rolls out measures to comply with Indian regulation

Social-media network has begun hiring local officials to meet new regulations in the country

Twitter rolls out measures to comply with Indian regulation

Twitter has appointed a resident grievance officer and chief compliance officer, and has published its first India Transparency Report, to comply with new IT regulations in India.

The IT rules, which went into effect in late May, require social media firms to appoint local officers to deal with law enforcement and user grievances, and enable traceability of end-to-end encrypted messages.

The Indian government told a local court last week that Twitter had failed to appoint local officers. As a consequence, it lost the liability protection on user-generated content in the country, the government said. 

Other internet giants including Facebook, Google, and Telegram had already appointed these local compliance officers in India.

Twitter told an Indian court that it was working to "fully comply" with the new rules.

The social-media network named Vinay Prakash as its resident grievance officer on Sunday (July 11) alongside an address and email to contact him.

Earlier in the week, it said it had appointed an interim chief compliance officer, who is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Act and rules. It is currently advertising for a permanent position.

Twitter has also published its first monthly compliance report, which details the complaints it has received and action taken on the complaints.

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