Jane Leung
Aug 26, 2010

'Travel' is most desired keyword in first half of 2010 : Yahoo

REGIONAL – ‘Travel’ tops the list as the most desired keyword by advertisers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and India during the first half of 2010, according to Yahoo's most recent search report.

'Travel' is most desired keyword in first half of 2010 : Yahoo

Yahoo has conducted an integrated regional survey on the hottest keywords for the first six months of 2010.

For Hong Kong, 'interior design', 'renovation', 'bank' and 'software' claims a position in the top ten.

Taiwan records a demand for high-investment sectors such as ‘finance/ investment’, ‘retail’, ‘property purchase’ and ‘computers/ communications/ consumer (3C) products’.

South Korea sees a different trend in keywords. The list mainly consists of consumer related words including automobiles, shopping centers, clothing/ accessories and brands. 'New Balance' and 'Nike' lead among brands for search in the market with ‘part-time job’ taking the top spot.

Singapore leads with art and entertainment, and more specifically 'Universal Studio'. 'Standard Chartered Bank' and 'Singapore Airlines' follow. 'M1', 'it show 2010', 'HSBC', 'hotels in Singapore', 'Zuji' and 'job' are also some keywords on the list. Interesting, ‘McDonald’s delivery’ is ranked ninth.

Most keywords for India relate to travel, destinations and entertainment. Including 'Goa', 'Manali', 'Coorg' and 'Lakshadweep'. ‘Cheap air tickets’ and celebrities 'Sania Mirza' and 'Katrina Kaif' are also on the list.

The research shows the fastest growing businesses in search marketing for the five markets are travel, education and medical cosmetology.