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Dec 04, 2015

This weekend, spare a thought for Chennai

Chances are that the floods down South and rescue operations will stay on top of the media agenda

This weekend, spare a thought for Chennai
The ongoing Test match between India and South Africa looks like it will last a little longer than the previous ones in the series. And even better, we might still have a result on our hands. If cricket is your thing, tune in. At lunch Friday, Ravichandran Ashwin had just reached his fifty with a four and a six, to take India closer to what is being billed as a respectable total (of 350).
Ashwin was in the news yesterday too, for totally different reasons. He had re-established contact with his folks in Chennai, after a communication breakdown that affected almost all parts of Chennai. The waters in inundated areas are receding now, but several areas still remain cut off without connectivity, communication or electricity. Some of them house hospitals, old age homes and the like.
The rescue forces and an army of civilian volunteers are at work, as they have bee in the past when such forces of nature wreaked havoc. The homeless are finding shelter. The marooned are having food and medicines air-dropped before they are rescued. 
Amidst which, prices of essentials are going up, ATMs were not functioning, and one could not pay by card at the few outlets that remained open in the last few days.
The challenges are of differing intensities. From film stars to RJs to the common man, they are all out to help - if not on the waterlogged streets, they are on social media.
So our plea this weekend goes like this. As you follow the cricket, and whatever else takes your fancy, keep track of what's happening down South. Maybe, there's someone who needs your help, and maybe there's something you can do. Even if it's just sending a comforting tweet. 
Here's a sample, tweeted out by Amitabh Bachchan:
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