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Apr 24, 2015

Things They Like: Siddhartha Roy's CEO on hoping to upgrade from a BMW to Ferrari, and more...

Things They Like: Siddhartha Roy
Siddhartha Roy depends on his iPhone and a Mac laptop to work on, while his phone serves as his most used gadget at events. What he isn’t fond of are technological distractions at a private party, hence such an event sees him attend with almost no gadgets.
Roy’s favourite place to add to his wardrobe is a trip to Collective at Palladium. Other than this, he is not very particular about a brand but likes to dress in smart casuals at work, and business formals at industry events. He likes to keep his attire ‘simple’ when it comes to private parties. 
His prefers Aramis for fragrance and is a fan of Asian cuisine. 
The CEO counts House of Cards as something that he is currently enjoying watching. He prefers his footwear to be by Gucci.
He is a proud BMW owner currently but would like to drive home a Ferrari some day, as that is his ‘dream car’. 
He holds fond memories of Ibiza, Spain, owing to ‘its undeniable camera friendly looks and irresistible charisma’. Having said that, a trip to Las Vegas was one of the best holidays he has had. “No description necessary”, he quips.
The best way, as per Roy, to go through the weekend, is by doing the following: “Spending time with my kids. I enjoy performing our daily chores, eating together, going through their school work, swimming, playing, etc.”
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