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Nov 26, 2015

Things They Like: Hemant Misra

The chief executive officer of Publicis Capital explains why his iPhone is his 'conjoined twin'

Things They Like: Hemant Misra
Misra considers his iPhone6 as his ‘conjoined twin’. He says it is a gadget that runs his life – but only at work. He explains. “I shop, plan my day, do mails, book travel, store information, do photography, watch missed serials … but soon as I reach home I put it away and only pick it up early next morning to listen to music streamed on my speakers.”
For a private gathering, Misra prefers to stream music through the Harman Kardon system.
His choice of apparel depends on the season with summers being a time for everything from cotton chinos with linen half sleeved bush shirts to summer jackets and formal trousers, to dark denims and Henley T-shirts. Winters are for woolen suits or dark denims with long-sleeved polo T-shirts. A dark suit is his pick for an industry event and it’s dhoti-kurta for a private events. “I love wearing dhoti-kurtas. I tie my dhoti to my taste with a contrasting kurta,” he notes.
Fragonard Grand Luxe is his favorite perfume and Mughlai, his favourite cuisine. Though he doesn’t see himself as a ‘watch person’, he particularly likes a Carrera Automatic.
Misra has an Audi A6 but would like to have a Mini as well. His favorite shows and movies include
Elementary, Game of Thrones, My Cousin Vinnie and The Matrix series.
He fondly remembers a road trip across Scotland, Lake District and Newcastle. “Haven’t seen more shades of green in my life,” he recounts.
The adlander’s ideal weekend goes thus: A “long walk in Lodhi Garden with my dogs, catch a good play, play some serious Poker and wind up with a classic thriller in my home cinema.”
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