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Apr 11, 2014

Things They Like: Devraj Sanyal

The MD of Universal Music and EMI Music, South Asia, on his list of 'Must Have' gadgets, cars and more...

Things They Like: Devraj Sanyal
Devraj Sanyal’s list of ‘Must Have’ gadgets must get a gadget lover excited. His iPhone, MacBook Air, iPad and iPod are on the list. The iPhone, Macbook Air and iPad help most with work including presentations. The iPod now, he explains, is ‘almost replaceable’ by the iPhone is for playing music. “I work in the music industry. So in office, I need a strong Bluetooth device which connects all the music from different ports into my main system. So I use the Belkin C10 for this. It’s very cool and easy to use.”
Sanyal, who is almost always dressed in suits, like them from Canali, Kenneth Cole and Calvin Klein. Shirts are mostly from Kenneth Cole. Shoes are very important for him, and the formal pair inevitably is from Hugo Boss or Hermes. Friday dressing is ‘Crazy’ for the music company head. If he has no meeting that day, he prefers his favourite Emporio Armani shorts and two-pound Primark T-shirt to work. Denims are from Wrangler because it’s cheap and cheerful, but incredibly comfortable ‘due to the lycra in them’. His casual party clothes are a lot of Ralph Lauren and Emporio Armani, but his all-time favourite party brand is Robert Graham.
When it comes to accessories, Sanyal has a Franck Muller Casablanca watch as a permanent part of his wardrobe for 10 years now. His other accessories include cuff links, ties and pocket squares. “I do wear a lot of those and it’s always only one brand - Koecsh Men by Kresha Bajaj. It’s the most edgy brand in town”.
Sanyal drives a Mercedes E class and a Beamer 320D.  And his next car, one that he has his eyes on, is the Jaguar XJ.
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