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May 06, 2019

Talkwalker’s Battle of the Brands: One Plus Vs Xiaomi

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Talkwalker’s Battle of the Brands: One Plus Vs Xiaomi

With GOT’s 8th and final season on air marketers all over the country are scrambling to make their ad campaigns relevant to the massive fan following. But is it really worth it? Is the buzz a big as you’d think it would be? Let’s find out in today’s Battle of the Brands where we compare Xiaomi who’s owned the Game of Thrones fervor and OnePlus that has put out just a couple of posts on Instagram as well.

Talkwalker, a social media analytics company, based in Luxembourg, takes a closer look at the buzz, using their platform. Talkwalker Analytics analyzes the performance of mentions all over the internet and provides key metrics such as engagement, related themes, demographic data, geographic data and influencer data. 

Mentions: Mentions make it look like Xiaomi’s #GOTfervor has helped them considerably. They’re at 67.2k mentions and OnePlus – even though people love their camera and social media is always flooded with posts from them, for the better part of the last month, mentions for OnePlus have been lower than that of Xiaomi (41.3k). Xiaomi hit a massive peak mid-April thanks to their influencer campaigns with Amit Bhawani and their #GameofPhones campaign on Instagram. It also helps that they completed 9 years this April. One Plus is catching up thanks to their newest offering – OnePlus 7– they’re rolling out giveaway and unveiling the features one by one which seem to be well received. The beginning of May indicates that OnePlus will have a good month this May.

Emojis: India loves emojis! We all know that – the emojis used in relation to different brands could really indicate how much money they would make! Xiaomi has a marger emoji cloud than OnePlus – this is normal since they have a much higher number of mentions online. But the interesting part is, the heart emoji is the most used emoji in conjunction with Xiaomi!  This means their products are extremely popular – most emojis for Xiaomi indicate a positive sentiment. OnePlus has a smaller emoji cloud but the central emoji is the heart eyes emoji, this too shows that people seem to like their phones. Both telco companies seem to be doing a good job managing social media promotions – but Xiaomi has had a better month.


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