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Jan 22, 2016

‘Strategic partnerships will be built with focus on combined growth’

What happened in 2015? What's next, in 2016? Here's what McCann's Prasoon Joshi and 21n78e's Sudhir Nair had to say. (part ten)

‘Strategic partnerships will be built with focus on combined growth’
We asked 25 respondents  from advertising, media, marketing and PR to tell us what they will remember 2015 by, and the trends they expect to see in 2016.
Read on for peer predictions – on agencies, long format films, the 30-seconder, digital, mobile, e-commerce, technology, people...  Here's part ten.
‘2016 will hopefully be a year of work that will be more inspiring’
Prasoon Joshi
Chairman Asia Pacific, CEO and chief creative officer, McCann India
Every year has its share of crisis and celebration. From our industry, there were of course some interesting pieces of work. The ‘social good’ platform was put to use by many brands.  However, overall there was no innovative, breakthrough or crossover idea.  Work on mediums like digital and mobile – did not deliver unique content or nuanced understanding like say the international ‘Geico Unskippable’ campaign does.  
2016 will hopefully be a year where we will see work that will be more inspiring.
‘Strategic partnerships will be built with focus on combined growth’
Sudhir Nair
Co-founder and CEO, 21n78e
At a personal level, I will remember 2015 for multiple reasons. Starting with my decision to move out of Grey after 15 years; and also my decision of setting-up an agency that will build its own products too. However as the part of the industry I would remember it for the exodus of talent and the senior lot moving out to become entrepreneurs. I will remember 2015 also for the phenomenal growth of the digital industry and e-commerce; the big tickets investments in these and the fierce competition that benefitted the consumers.
I think 2016 will have a bigger impact. I hope and expect consolidations/M&A in the e-comm space making it stand out at a global level. I expect 4G to be a big leveller and make technology and speed synonymous across India. This will hopefully get advertisers to realign their marketing budgets even more. It should make rural marketing leverage technology and roll-out a lot more engaging marketing campaigns.  I hope the ‘Digital India’ initiative will see more processes digitally led and eliminate the nuisance quotient in between.
At an industry level; I feel strategic partnerships will be built with a focus on combined growth. It could also be a year where independent agencies might align themselves basis their key strength to form a potent entity.
At a personal level, I hope we can forge some strategic partnerships and have two of our products rolled out; eventually attracting some investments.
(Part of a feature that appeared in the 8 January 2016 issue of Campaign India)


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