Stay fit with Sofit: The secret mantra of Saina Nehwal revealed

The badminton pro reveals her Fit and Fab mantra where along with exercise, the right kind of nutrition is important and her take on plant-based drink, Sofit.

Sep 15, 2021 11:27:00 AM | Article | Partner Content

Saina Nehwal is not a new name in the sporting world. Right from her younger days, she was focussed on achieving big things and she did so by not only competing but also winning at the Commonwealth Games, Olympics and many nationally as well as internationally.
It is no hidden secret that she had to keep herself extremely fit to reach these milestones. Along with exercise, it was important for her to have a good nutrition diet that would drive consistency in maintaining a balanced healthy lifestyle.
Recently Saina was found sharing a secret behind her extremely fit and healthy lifestyle and the way she maintains the right balance, along with Sofit, a plant-based drink that has immense benefits and at the same time rich and delicious in taste. The biggest advantage she shared is not only is it a ready to drink beverage, but it can go well with everyone’s daily diet. Plant-based nutrition is increasingly gaining importance as more and more people grow aware of its benefits.
Sofit as the name suggests has been promising and inspiring people to be fit and eat right. The brand recently initiated a Nutrition Week Campaign with the launch of a video that drives the message of being fit and fab which is a summation of eating right, exercising, and taking in the right kind of nutrition. The brand highlights how one can attain their nutritional balance from its plant-based drinks which work well to complement one’s daily diet. The campaign garnered a ton of traction on social media with over four million views and multiple UGC’s being shared with the brand.

The first week of September is celebrated as National Nutrition week in India, with a prime focus and aim in raising awareness around healthy lifestyle and the ways nutritional intake helps in achieving desired fitness goals. Sofit has joined the bandwagon with an engaging campaign, staying true to its brand purpose #StayFitWithSofit.
Commencing the Nutrition week celebrations, Sofit launched a campaign that educates viewers and consumers of the importance of fitness and nutrition in our day-to-day activity and delivers the message of staying fit and healthy. Health and wellness enthusiasts shared fun reels around how one can stay fit and fab with a plant-based diet. The brand aims to further strengthen its market equity and consumer perception as the most preferred brand in the plant-based drink segment through the campaign that advocates for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.