Spice Mobiles says the entire world is now a screen

WATCH the TVC created by Ogilvy Delhi to promote the company's in-built big-screen projector phone, Popkorn

Spice Mobiles says the entire world is now a screen


Spice Mobiles has released a new commercial to promote its in-built big-screen projector phone, Popkorn. Created by Ogilvy Delhi, the film is  a collage of different quirky situations where people are projecting movies on different kind of screens. 
Watch the TVC here (story continues below)
The film flows from the insight that if you have this phone with you, everything in this world will be a screen for you to project - “ab sara sansar movie hai”. The TVC is a collage of different quirky situations where people are projecting movies on different kind of screens: a goat in one scene, boat in another, a ceiling, dhoti, utensils and so on and so forth with a jingle that equates all the objects on which projections are done to be a screen. 
Speaking about the idea for the commercial, Ajay Gahlaut, executive creative director, Ogilvy, Delhi, said, “We figured that people would be so intrigued by the projector in the phone that they would want to play with it and project pictures on various interesting surfaces. After that the film practically wrote itself.”
The film opens inside a living room of a middle class family where a young guy opens a box to reveal a stuffed goat and projects something on it. Next we see two young boys on the sea shore who are watching a movie by projecting it on a beached boat with their phone. Cut to a group of youngsters in a taxi stuck at a traffic light, with one of them is projecting a picture on the newspaper a man is reading in another taxi at their side. Then we see a young couple lying in bed with the lady nestling on the husband's shoulder. Camera pans slowly to husband's hand to reveal that the he is surreptitiously projecting a match on the ceiling. Cut to a shop full of aluminium containers. A south Indian man wearing a dhoti is seen standing there. He is bewildered to see a skeleton being projected on his dhoti and shirt which gradually moves to the aluminium containers stacked in the shop. Next a teenage guy is shown projecting a rose on a cardboard held by a girl in front of her as if proposing his love for her. The film cuts to an image of a running horse on walls and a group of people standing, followed by the scene inside a cinema hall where a guy who is with his family projects a chart on the wall by his side as if to see some report. The scene is then cut to some film clipping being projected on a real TV. The last frame shows the hone with the supers, “Now Project movies, Live TV, Documents and more”.  
Client: Spice Mobiles
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Delhi
Creative team: 
Executive creative director - Ajay Gahlaut 
Basab Tito Majumdar and  Vikash Chemjong 
Production house: Apostrophe Films, Mumbai 
Director: Koushik Sarkar. 
Music: Samiruddin


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