Raahil's blog: Are ideas in advertising drying up?

The author looks at BharatPe and Infinity Learn's campaigns which seem to be similar to campaigns from the past

Sep 15, 2021 07:23:00 AM | Article | Raahil Chopra Share - Share to Facebook

Raahil Chopra

Earlier today, we received a press release from an agency promoting its new work for Infinity Learn.
Titled ‘Aage ka kya socha hai’, the brand film aims to reduce the stress students face when it comes to their future plans.
Yesterday, BharatPe shared a press release about the launch of a campaign – ‘BharatPe Lagao, World Cup Jao’, a contest for its merchant partners.
What’s the problem, then?
They are too similar to campaigns that have been released in the past.
The one for Infinity Learn is similar to the Bingo TVC from 2020 featuring Ranveer Singh. Replace the child in school, with Singh, who has just graduated from college, and ‘bingo’, the films seem to be spreading the same message.
For BharatPe’s ‘BharatPe Lagao, World Cup Jao’, for the ICC Men’s World Cup T20, we need to rewind 22 years for Britannia’s ‘Britannia Khao, World Cup Jao’, which was revisited by the brand in 2019.

These follow what happened last week. JG Hosiery (makers of Macho innerwear) accused Lux Cozi of plagiarising its ‘toing’ ad. They said that Lux Cozi has not only copied its creative concept but also stolen its many execution elements, including the way the woman holds up the underwear and the colour and shape of it. A complaint was filed with ASCI too. 
These are just three recent examples, which lead to a question: are these slip-ups temporary or are original ideas drying up?